Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mystery Altered Book Spread

The theme for the very last altered book I worked in was Mystery, Sleep & Dreams.  I had no idea where this was going when I found the magicians picture on the internet, but then it just came to me.  I wanted a murder mystery.  I painted the goldish yellow background and added some texture medium into the paint.  Then I highlighted the chapter name at the top of the left page.  I glued down the magicians picture and letter stickers that said "Now you see me..."  The next page I added a picture of a man's face, but put washi tape over his mouth for the quote "now you don't"  I found a picture of some doors, cut them out, added brads to them for the door knobs, and used some liquid glass I messed around with as it was drying to make the "glass" look aged.  Then I hand drew (LOL) and cut out the hand (it looks like a muppet hand - LOL!)  I added the hardcore love, and eternity stickers, and some flourish 3-d stickers that were gold, but then I painted them silver with an adirondack dauber.

The whole quote around the second page reads "We all wear masks, & the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing our own skin." but I added "or someone else's"  It was weird, it was OUT there and I LOVE IT!!!  And I think my friend did as well :)

This is the last of my post from the 2011 Round Robin swap for Tennessee Stampers.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing these, as much as I have enjoyed looking through the pictures and remembering all the fun I had creating these pages.  :)
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Prince Edward Island Altered Book Spread

This was a travel themed altered book & I chose to do Prince Edward Island.  
For one reason I love Anne of Green Gables,
 and second this is where my godmother is originally from.

I started with painting over the book with gold Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint.
Then I took a couple of pages out of the book behind my spread and then glued in a piece of cardboard from a box so that I could cut a niche out (and not have to cut through 20 pages).  I added a map of P.E.I., and stamped some Tim Holtz stamps, glued down a doily, a flower and then the crest of P.E.I.

My little book was made of pictures I found of P.E.I. on the internet, and a picture of a book cover that was appropriately titled "Little book of Prince Edward Island".  I bound the pictures with my bind it all.

Underneath the book I added another map of P.E.I and added ribbon to each side of the niche, then added a buckle to one side of the ribbon to make a "belt" to hold the book in the niche.

This is another spread I am extremely thrilled with, and was the first niche I ever did.
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Marilyn Monroe Altered Book Spreads

This was a Marilyn Monroe themed altered book.  And the book we actually were working in was a biography about Marilyn.  This was also the FIRST book I worked in other than my own and was very basic in terms of altering.  I drew some designs on the page and then painted the whole rest of the pages a purple color, so that the words of the book showed through the designs.  I added some bling for detail
and then added some pictures from the night she sang to John F. Kennedy.  I also added a little biographical detail in reference to the quote "the late Marilyn Monroe" (she was running VERY LATE!)  All in all I was happy with how this turned out for my first spread in someone else's book.

I did a second page about the dress she wore that night.  I printed and collaged pictures from that night along with a cool photo I found that someone had altered.  I added stickles and liquid glass mixed together on top of that image to make the dress sparkle as it would have in person.  I added some more quotes and details and then the title was done with Liquid Applique. Oh painted background of course.  

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

True Blood - Guilty Pleasure - Altered Book Spread

The theme of this altered book was Guilty Pleasures.  I will say my number one Guilty Pleasure is watching True Blood.  I LOVE this show!  So I went all out with my vampire theme - I was a little scared because it was SO OUT THERE from all the other spreads in her book, but it is what it is - a guilty pleasure :)  I used water mixed with red paint and took a straw and blew bubbles into it and tried dripping it to make some blood, but that didn't work so well so I ended up using the straw and dripping it out, then just dry brushed the lighter areas.  Then I added pictures from the show, a few rub-ons I had, and glitter letters for "aw Sookie".  Even though this spread is REALLY OUT THERE, it was one of the most FUN ones I did in the round robin!

Guilt Pleasure was done with my little dymo labeler :)

Thanks for stopping by & checking out some of my art!
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Elvis Altered Book Spread

This was a 50's themed altered book that was actually my mom's.  She LOVES Elvis so that is what I knew I had to do in her book.  I cut the Elvis silhouette out of Elvis papers I had in my stash.  I found the Blue Suede Shoe online and printed it and cut it out.

The shoe was like a little door, you open it and then Elvis is there in his GOLD SUIT!
I found the paper doll online and then added an action spring to Elvis so he
moved back and forth which was fitting for "Elvis the pelvis" LOL!  The frame
is a Spellbinders die that I put stickles around, and it is actually a pocket (was only glued
on three sides) that all his clothes went into.  
Hope you enjoyed this fun little spread.  I enjoyed making this one since I knew my mom loved him and would especially love his swinging hips :)
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