Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some pictures I've been meaning to upload and COTM for March

I have been in a journal swap since back in the summer. And I have worked on several, and taken pictures of most of them. A few I forgot to - whoops! But here are some pictures of journals I have worked in recently (pictures of my artwork that is) and pictures of March COTM on my stamping group....

My entry into Cindy's "Sea Fantasy" Journal. OK I LOVE This entry because it is my first shot at truly drawing. Yes it is whimsical, and yes I got inspiration from something I saw online, BUT I did not trace it, I DREW IT! WOOHOO! I drew with watercolor crayons and went over them with a waterbrush. :o) The "jewels" on the page are serendipity squares that we made in Nancy Walker's class at the last TS retreat. I thought they would be perfect for sea jewels.

My entry into Nancy's "Garden" Journal. I love this one because on the left is the "perfect day???" with sunshine and flowers, but on the left it is raining and the quote says "anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain." LOVE IT!

This is the COTM I received from Jeanine D. on my Stamping Group. SO pretty and sparkly! SOOOOO ME!!!! THANKS JEANINE!! LOVE IT! (below)

This is the COTM I sent to my partner Marilyn. I love this little stamp! Shonna (the BFF) & I both got one at Michael's in the dollar bin!!!

My entry into Laura's "SPARKLY" Journal. Shonna sent me a website of all these cool girlie quotes and gifs for my siggy in my email, and this one just stayed in my mind because I LOVE BLING! So when Laura's journal showed up I just knew I had to use that quote.

My entry into the "Favorite Things" Journal (can't remember whose journal this was.)Of course pictures of my fur-babies. And a list of ALL my favorite things.

This is my entry into the "Story Time" Journal (can't remember who this belongs to either ;o( ) I am sure then person whose journal this is was really focusing more on traditional children's stores: Cinderella, Peter Rabbit. But when I went looking at the "Little Golden Book" website, I saw this and remembered how much I LOVED this book when I was little. This is one of the few books I TRULY REMEMBER being read to me, and me reading outloud as well. So it just had to go in the story journal! Plus I used my KNK to cut out letters.

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  1. My daughter, although 17 would absolutely LOVE the Mermaid page!! She is taking Scrapbooking in highschool right now ( teacher is a English advanced teacher so it's more for journal purposes as well).. and just did a page with her and the Little Mermaid!!!!

    Now.. I LOVE the grover one.. it so reminds of the book...someting about a monster being in the the book!!


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