Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday stuff...

I am a total slacker. I meant to post this when I got it, and with all the computer stuff, Keith's new job and other things going on I just didn't do it. (SORRY CINDY!!!) This is the COTM (Card of the Month)I received in February on my stamping group. This is the most whimsical card - I LOVE IT! So I definitely wanted to share it with everyone.

I am working on a 21 day challenge over at & I am just getting going and will post when my journal dries from the entry today!

blog challenge: my fav time of day - 1 or 2am in the morning. I am so awake usually and it is so quiet I can get ALL KINDS of things done - vacuum, play in my scrapbook room, play a video game, surf the web. I just love it - no ringing doorbells or phones. I'm a night owl.
Love & Blessings...

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