Sunday, October 26, 2008

WOW...i talked on the phone to a stranger...

ok so I know you are thinking - SO? But I don't talk on the phone. I am not sure what it is - but I will literally have a panic attack. I think the phone held a lot of bad news when I was younger, so my OCD has just attached that feeling to the phone. So tonight Keith was calling Verizon about some crazy mix-up on our bill since I got my blackberry (YES YOU ALL NEED ONE - IT ROCKS!) And he was trying to watch the Tennessee game and then she had to have my permission to talk to him because I am primary owner. So I just kept talking to her - and I did it! I got all our stuff changed on our plans, and all the mix-ups worked out and I didn't FREAK at all! I just talked to her, told her thank you for doing such an awesome job and hung up! She was so nice and that helped. But maybe I can start to talk on the phone??? Now don't everyone call me at once - or I will be completely traumitized! But maybe I can attach a new "feeling" to the phone???

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  1. I know what you mean about talking on the phone to people you don't know. Ever since I was little I've hated talking on the phone...I'll start to shake and sweat and get this nervous feeling in my stomach. Now that I'm "out on my own", however, I have to do more on the phone myself, there's no one around to pawn it off on. It's thankfully gotten better for me, as well. Here's hoping that we both completely overcome this some day!


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