Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sleep in peace, sweet Possum

This summer when we decided to add a new member to our little family; my new found friend Jeff led me to the Lethal White Aussie yahoo Group. Where I met - Karen and Possum. Possum went to the rainbow bridge on Saturday; and I can only imagine the pain in Karen's heart right now. Click on the title of this blog post to visit Possum's brother and sister and get to know the world of Lethal Whites. And learn how to bring one of these special creatures into your life, if only for a short time as Kim K. via Jeff on our list said "...maybe I was just fostering him for God".
Possum - sleep peacefully and wait for momma at the bridge....
Love, Lori, Keith, Missie Moo, Marlie, and Mazie

please leave your love and prayers for Karen & Chris while they are mourning Possum, and I will pass them on....

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