Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keith's Quilt

This is the quilt I made Keith for Christmas. This is made of special pieces of clothing from his life.

The blue outfit (top left) is the outfit he came home from the hospital in; the boo-boo shirt was one his mom made and added the iron on to it as well, a baseball shirt from Chili's, a bowling towl from when he was a kid, bowling shirt with patches, baseball shirts from his childhood, and a Saturday Scholars Shirt from his elementary school days!

Dairy Queen baseball shirt, with bowling patches I sewed on (they were some that his mom never attached to his shirt), a sock monkey applique made of REAL SOCKS (Pam did this one for me), close up of his coming home outfit and boo-boo shirt.

A pocket off his work pants; a collage of baby jammies that he wore then dressed his bear in when he was little.

Jammies, Dairy Queen Jersey, and Back of his bowling shirt.

Top left is his baby blanket complete with tags he loved (still loves) so much, two of his baseball jersies, jammies, and a budweiser shirt from when we started dating.

He love this quilt and it is probably the best gift I have ever given him; how on EARTH am I gonna top this next year???

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