Sunday, January 18, 2009

Marlie's growl....

Well Marlie has this infamous little growl. She does it when she is sleeping and not awake. She has done this since she was 9 weeks old and we brought her home. It is HILARIOUS if you can get her awake when she does it, because she looks like you like "OOPS, sorry mama - I'm in trouble now!" And it has never been a problem because we hear it and tell her to hush, and she does. Or if it is directed at Missie, well Missie lets her know who is REALLY BOSS! This has only recently become a problem because Mazie - our double merle - is deaf. And she cannot hear the warning growl.

I hoped Mazie would be able to sense Marlie's change in demeanour - and would learn to back off. But back in December Marlie has got a little upset & she bit Mazie, on her little lip, and Mazie cried - never heard Mazie cry since we adopted her. SOOOOOO new rule in place, when we hear the growl, Marlie goes to her doggie bed. She is in TIME OUT, and she will stay there until you tell her to get up. A month of doing this has lessened the growls to almost nothing, because she doesn't like being in our bedroom while fun is happening in the rest of the house, and also it has been short growls and nothing further than that. So we plan to keep this up. I know SLACKER that I am I should have done it before now - but honestly I thought that Mazie would learn to "sense" Marlie's uneasiness somehow.

Anyway - Saturday night we told Marlie to go get on her doggie bed, and instead she crawled into the bottom of the TV cabinet. And this is her picture. It was so funny because Mazie went over and laid down beside her and barked like "SISSIE GET OUT AND PLAY WITH ME!!!" Oh - Keith and I had to leave the room so we wouldn't laugh, but I did get to snap one picture with my phone. Oh.....they are like children.

PS - her eyes don't really look that scary - it is the flash on the phone! LOL!

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