Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey Day Recap

We had our first official Thanksgiving in our new house. I have hosted Turkey Day before, but this one was so exciting because everyone was so close and could stay as long as they wanted, because we were not living in B.F.E.!!! We had my best friend - Shonna, my mom, Keith's mom, Keith's brother, a family friend - Carlos (and Keith's dad dropped in for a few minutes.) It was nice and cozy and so much fun! Shonna & I had a blast making the sweet potatoes, and Keith even let her help him in the kitchen (which I am STRICKLY forbidden to do when he is on a misson like Thanksgiving dinner!) so Shonna ranks pretty high in Keith's book - let me tell ya! Here are the three of us being silly in the kitchen. I am SO HAPPY that Shonna joined us for Thanksgiving, it made it PERFECT having her there because she is my sister and it just "ain't" right when she isn't around. :o)
We had Chicken & Dressing, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, brocolli/cheese/rice casserole, cranberry salad, beau monde dip served with veggies & hawaiian bread, cocktail franks in a "secret sauce," rolls, brocolli salad and for dessert - Banana Pudding and Shonna's Death By Chocolate (see picture below!!! OMG SOOOOO GOOOOODDDD!)

Here is an up close picture of my centerpiece and the place-cards I made for everyone who attended. I made these with my digital die cutter. The pumpkin was designed by Tammey Brown who graciously posted it to a web group I am on for us to use. I designed the place card around it and then added the names. I inked the pumpkin and I think they turned out pretty good for my first project with my Klic-N-Kut (digital die cutter.)

These next two pictures are all of my festive decorations. (Also the first pic on my blog today.) I made all the pumpkin topiaries. Some hot glue and raffia pumpkins - pretty cute, heh? Also you can see the china cabinet and china my MIL gave to us a few months ago. I LOVE IT! And it was the perfect place to add a little something festive.
Here is how the table looked before we all sat down to eat. I was so proud of all my little things I made. My centerpieces were from The Dollar Tree: leaves, gourds, brass pails and all! I think I spend a total of $10.00 on EVERYTHING I used to decorate with, oh and the little stuffed pumpkins are from Dollar General. I'm so creative!!! (said with much sarcasm!)
Tonight we have worked on taking down all the Turkey Day Decor, and putting up our Christmas Tree. It isn't complete, but I'll have pictures to post tomorrow. It is MUCH TO DO for an OCD girlie girl, b/c I take so much time in how I pack things away, how I take things out, we have a new pre-lit tree and I was VERY picky about putting it up. And the decorations have to go just so. But it is all worth it to me b/c I love how it looks. Now my angel is NOT SO SPIFFY on the top of my new tree, so we are on the hunt for something to top our lovely tree with tomorrow, along with buy lights to put outside. So more tomorrow! I just can't wait for Christmas!!!

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