Thursday, December 13, 2007

Learning the joy of finding the ULTIMATE GIFT!

Ok, so I can't say what the gift was, or who it was for because someone might be reading this blog, but I learned what parents feel like every Christmas when they find "THE TOY" their child is wanting. I almost CRIED when Keith came out of the store carrying the bag with our little treasure in it! This was store #4! And we had called a store, and had one store check with all their others in the Nashville area. OMG! So you can imagine how EXCITED I was to see that little bag in his hand! WOOHOO! How do parents do this every year at Christmas and birthdays? I cannot imagine if we hadn't found it. I can tell you this, if we are blessed with a child I will be shopping EARLY EARLY EARLY and hopefully won't go through this too often!!! PHEW!
Love & Christmas Blessings!

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