Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ornament Exchange Party & Christmas Shopping Galore!

Last night I went to my best friend - Shonna's - house for an ornament exchange party. The rule was bring an ornament (wrapped & unmarked in any way) and we were to draw numbers and play "dirty christmas". I made my ornament (I'll show it off later) and was so excited to go and see everyone. Not to mention that I was spending the night at Shonna's and we were going to have a "GIRL'S DAY" the next day. So starting off with a few shots from the party. Here is Shonna table with all the yummie treats she had for us to eat, and everyone's wrapped ornament. Also in the little green "bucket" were bags of peppermint bark Shonna had made for all of us. And since everyone was a dog lover - her baby boy Mason had made Peanut Butter doggie bones for everyone to take home to their own babies!

Here is a picture of Shonna SURVEYING the scene as she decides which bag to go for! She drew #2, so she knew whatever she opened might get stolen pretty quickly!

This is a picture of Shonna & her mom - Pat. I made this marabou tree for Shonna as a hostess gift, along with a cell phone charm in her fav color (RED!) I also gave her a little ornament that said "NAUGHTY!" Because we all know she is! (HA HA - Love ya sis!)
We all had a super time opening ornaments, and I was #4 and I STOLE from another guest - HA HA! I stole the coolest ornament. It is handmade of wood and a SEA URCHIN - how cool is that? I will show pictures of it later too. And it was wrapped in the CUTEST penguin felt bag that I am TOTALLY going to carry as a purse to the rest of my Christmas Gatherings I will be attending.

Now we had food, ornaments, and wine - what else could a girl ask for??? It was a lot of fun, and then after everyone had gone out into the chilly weather to head home, Shonna & settled in for a nice long talk. We haven't gotten to do that in a while. With my mom's surgery, Thanksgiving, etc. there just hasn't been any girl-time. So we talked and talked, took Mason for a walk, and around 11pm we headed to bed. I got to sleep in the West/Gibbs suite (her spare room is for me & hubby or her mom &dad) and it was WONDERFUL! Bed so so comfy, sheets so soft and smelled sooooo good. And to top off my night, my little man - Mason (or Mae-Mae) slept with me all night! The kicker was about 30 minutes after we turned out the lights we hear this HUGE BANG! Mae-Mae and I look at each other and then look toward the door, and then we hear giggling - well the neighbor's had been somewhere and were having a LITTLE TOO MUCH FUN and had had a LITTLE TOO MUCH TO DRINK. SOOOOO FUNNY! I found out this morning that Shonna had heard the noise too and gotten up because she thought something fell in the kitchen!

This morning we got up around 9am. Got ready and headed for Opry Mills Mall. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrell (got an ADORABLE SINGING SNOWMAN FOR $8.00!) and then to the mall we went. We got to the mall around noon and we left at 5:30pm or so tonight. So DEFINITELY a full day of shopping. We got some presents, a goodie or two for ourselves, and I even bought a present that my mom needed me to pick up which finished her shopping totally! WOOHOO! We headed back to Shonna's and then I headed home. We had SO MUCH FUN TODAY - it was awesome! I just couldn't have had a better girls' weekend!

Now as for all these pictures I keep promising to show, blogger and my dell are not getting along tonight, so I will post pictures tomorrow. And SHONNA I PROMISE to post a picture of the Nativity tomorrow - I PROMISE!

Love & Christmas Blessings!

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