Monday, December 17, 2007

ok here they are all the pictures I promised!!!

This is our nativity scene. You can see our stockings behind it. My MIL made the doggie stockings. And of course they are all embroidered. And then I took a closer pic of the Nativity. This Nativity was bought for my paternal grandmother by my parents when I was 10 or 12. They bought plain wood because my grandma was a painter and thought she would enjoy painting them. She only painted the angel and baby Jesus. Not sure if this was intentional or all she got done before she passed away. But it is very special to me because she touched these, painted them, and displayed them in her home.

This is a page I just did in an art journal swap. We are all mailing our journals around and then we each do a page in each journal with the person's theme they have chosen. This theme was "All that Glitters" & I LOVE this quote!!!

This is a better picture of the marabou tree I made for my BFF. Still not a SUPER pic, but oh well, I gotta remember to take pictures of stuff before I give it away! LOL!

Two versions of the Christmas Card I sent out this year. The stamp was just some rings of dots, so I made it into a wreath by adding glitter glue and ribbon. :o)

These are two ornaments I made last week. The pink one went to my bff's ornament exchange party and the white one is on our tree.

This is Rudolph. He was a nice little reindeer we bought at Michael's but he had a scary velvet ribbon and gold bell. So I stripped his ribbon off, tied cute ribbon and a cute bell, and of course added his red sparkly nose!!!

I am off to wrap presents before Keith gets home later tonight. He left so early for work this morning, even though he is the closer. They were having their employee Christmas Dinner tonight. Well, at 3pm I got a message from him saying that his TABC card was expired and he had to go to Cool Springs to a class to get it reinstated. WHICH is very silly because he has 5 more shifts left at Chili's before his resignation date. Guess I should have announced that in an earlier blog, but we had to keep it on the D.L. So sorry - but his last day will be Christmas Eve at Chili's. But it was either send him to class or pay a $1,000 fine, so I guess they just sent him. But now tomorrow on his OFF DAY we have to go DOWNTOWN Nashville to get the goofy card. His new job doesn't even REQUIRE at TABC card (this allows you to sell liquor/serve liquor in Tennessee.) So whoop-ti-doo-da! Oh well, gotta do what ya gotta do.

Love & Christmas Blessings!


  1. Love decorations and Christmas crafts! How special that you have that nativity scene. I like that only the baby Jesus and the angel are painted. Calls attn to their extra special spots.

    Great job on the 3 columns! Looks great! :)

  2. Hey, "other Lori"! :) I like the extra touches on Rudolph. MUCH better!
    The circle stamp on the York peppermint patties you asked about is from PERFECT PRESENTATION, a level 2 hostess-only set from Stampin' Up! :) I've LOVED playing with this set - it had really versatile stamps in it.


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