Thursday, December 20, 2007

Funny for the day (Thanks Shonna!)

Shonna always sends me the FUNNIEST cartoons. And I think this is hilarious!!! It is 2:24AM and I just finished wrapping presents. Now mind you I started at 12:30AM, so only 2 hours, but still. I had a BIG present to wrap, and several little ones that I forgot about. NOW I only have one more to wrap and it is out in the garage, and I just cannot do it tonight. I have finished all the laundry and now just need to tidy up the house. If Keith will just get all his wrapping done then I can tidy up the spare bedroom and be ready for Christmas! WHEW!

Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL week! We have a party Friday night and a party on Sunday and then it is CHristmas! WOOHOO!

Love & Christmas Blessings!

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