Thursday, December 27, 2007


I have SO MANY PICTURES to share, so I am just going to start with a few for today. Last Friday night we spent the evening with my family in Waverly, TN and had our Christmas Party. We always play "dirty Christmas" and I got an awesome Betsey Johnson Travel Bag Set - stole it from my cousin, who I do not think was too happy about it! LOL! Then Sunday we spent the day at Maw's house (Keith grandma.) We exchanged presents, hung out with Keith's aunts, uncle and cousins and of course played with all the kids. And Keith's brother and his friend Carlos were there. They dropped by our house on the way home to open gifts - and this is Carlos opening his dremel tool from us. He loved the hat decoration I put on the outside!!! The dremel is perfect for his artwork. He is an amazing artist, and is venturing into the 3-d world of sculpture, so I hope the dremel helps him on his way. :o)
Then after Mike & Carlos left we took our annual tour of the Christmas Lights of Columbia. We always go to a subdivision up on a hill - Claremont, and by Keith Baker's House (my pics from there didn't turn out,) and then in Sunnyside the house below is always decked out to the MAX! They have lights, music, moving figures - so awesome!!! We get Baskin Robbins ice cream and tour the city looking at decorations. We've done this every year since we moved here, and I love it - we load the girls in the truck and take off! Now I have more pictures to share, but here is some of my Christmas Loot! I was so excited to get my Nintendo DS Lite, and also all my "toys." The Peyton Manning Figure and helmet are already on my scrapbook shelf, but my OCD Action Figure is still in the packaging (I don't think people will "get it" if I take him out.) He comes with a surgical mask, and a sanitary, hypoallergenic moist towelette! Oh and he has on gloves - LOVE IT!

Well I guess that is all for now. We are going to Spring Hill in a little while to pick up a puppy we are "puppy-sitting" for a few days. I will OF COURSE have pictures of that to share. So hope everyone had a merry CHristmas! And look for more pictures tomorrow!!!

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