Sunday, December 30, 2007

Puppy is a RELATIVE term.......

All I can say is when we pulled up to the parking lot where we met Kobe's "mama" I was expecting a cute little puppy, well sort of. Because on the way - Keith told me "Yeah Matt said Kobe is a 6 month old husky." Well I knew then and there we were in for a major adventure. Kobe is not a puppy - my MIL calls him "a miniature horse." And that he is. But Marlie is having fun playing with her buddy, and Kobe had a GIRLFRIEND in my Marlie Pa! :o) Oh me oh my - the things Keith & I get ourselves into! LOL!


Keith teaching Kobe the "high five" (look at those freakin' PAWS!!!)

My Colts just lost to the Titans, but that is ok. My boy wasn't playing, and we all know if Peyton had been in they would NOT have won. :o)~ But now I am off to bed with my sinus infection to sleep the night away. Love & Blessings ~ Lori

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