Monday, January 21, 2008

The things you find on TV late at night.....ramblings from an insomniac

Well here it is January 21st and I haven't posted since the 9th. Main reason? I cannot sleep. I have tried EVERYTHING, and so I sleep when I sleep, and I am awake when I am awake. So a lot of laundry is getting done in the West house in the "wee" hours of the morning. Nothing like drying sheets at 3:30AM. :o)

Now if you are an insomniac like me you find yourself watching the STRANGEST things on TV. I mean there is some really weird stuff on late at night/early morning. But I am just noticing tonight that the strangest things are on TV on Sunday nights. As I am flipping thinking ok HGTV, History Channel, Discovery, WE, Oxygyn? I mean come on there has to be some good, stupid girly movie on, right? NOT! I have found Snapped - which is stories of how women "SNAP" and try to or do kill their husbands/lovers; Shop Erotic Infomercial - I am not even going to tell you what was on there - just use your imagination and think of seedy shops in big cities or those naughty home parties we've all been invited to for some bachelorette party; The History of Sex - this was on the History Channel - History yes, but of Sex? I mean do we really need to know any more than we already do; Taboo - this is a show on National Geographic that talks about weird culture things - like piercing of odd places on the body by African Tribes. Now mind you I am glad I found these things LATE at night, and on CABLE channels, but I mean couldn't we have some Ron Popeil infomercials or something? I mean a juicer, tweezer that have lights, ANYTHING but pornographic infomercials and sex with the Romans and private part piercing. Oh and of course those who kill the ones they love. I know I am on a little rant here, but it is really amazing the things you "learn" (and I am using that term VERY FREELY HERE) when you cannot sleep...

Keith is in his second week with Panera Bread. I think he likes it a lot. He is having to study all kinds of things like how to "build" the sandwiches, salads, etc. Last week he worked overnight three nights to learn all the baking. Let me tell ya - those bagels are YUMMO! And I got a Panini (sp?) Friday night - so good! But even with all the reading he has to do - and you know my hubby - he hates to read; he seems to be having a lot of fun. And so this is a really exciting time for us.

My Mother-in-law came over and installed new curtains in my living room. yes I already had curtains, but they needed to be re-done we decided, and the others were very pretty, but these new ones are just AWWWWEEEEESSSSSOOOOOMMMMEEEEE! (that was awesome - LOL!)
They have these HUGE tassels on them and look so cute inside and from the porch. I love them! So now if I can just bring myself to put more holes in the walls. I have only allowed like 4 things to be hung in 1 year - how crazy is that. I am just so scared of holes. Don't ask me why.

Now finally for today/tonight - I want to announce our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of living in our house - WOOHOO! And also want to say congratulations to my sis - Shonna on her first divorce-sary - yes I coined the term. She is a role model for every woman - she has gone through so much and come out shining brighter than ever - I love ya girl!

Ok - I am off to find something decent, and I mean that seriously, to watch, and maybe just maybe I'll get some sleep later.

Love & Blessings.....

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