Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2008 here we come...

The new year started off with a bang! We went to our dinner dance at the Elk's Lodge and won a prize, we saw old friends there that we didn't know we would see, and then my father-in-law's date cussed me out - oh yes - she cussed me out. I won't repeat what she said, but it was enough to make me blush and that is hard considering I have a mouth like a sailor when I want to - LOL! But seriously - how can grown people be so rude? This was the first time we ever met this woman and she cussed me out, not to mention hugging my husband at every opportunity and other than the "incident" she didn't speak to me all night. In fact I made an off color comment to someone at our table (I KNOW HER - SHE WAS NOT OFFENDED!) and the "date" apologized for me. Oh my my my! This just shows me I need to stay locked in my little house and be by myself most of the time. I was in a good mood, having fun, and then DOWNER.

It just seems that several people in my life lately have really ticked me off. And I think it is not because I am being extra sensitive or they are being rude, but that they might act like this all the time, but I have made a new year's resolution to speak up/stand up for myself. So they tick me off - and I am actually admitting to myself I am pissed off. Why are people mean? I mean the old "MEAN PEOPLE SUCK" sticker - I swear I want to have that tattoo'd on my forehead - but seriously - do people think before they speak - NO is the answer I guess - because many people in my life have OPEN FOOT INSERT MOUTH lately. I mean yes - I have OCD and yes I am hard to deal with at times - I know I am. But if people ONLY KNEW on a daily basis what I hold back or cover up or just plain old bury inside myself because I don't have the courage or strength to say it outloud (even if just to myself) so I can deal with it. I read a quote once that said "People with OCD should all receive academy awards for their daily performances in life." We are such awesome actors. We just plaster on a smile and go, and inside we are miserable. Or like me - we are awake at 2:31am in the morning because we are thinking of all the crap we should have said but were too afraid or tired to say. My broken records are playing over and over again tonight - it is gonna be a long one.

Keith starts his new job tomorrow at Panera Bread. I am SOOOOOO excited for him! And so proud. He has to do "classroom" stuff tomorrow (well today i guess.) Then Saturday he goes to "orientation" and Sunday, Monday and Tuesday he will be doing the bakery shifts. SO FUN! He gets to learn it all. And if you know my husband he will ask a million questions and we will know all about Panera bread by next week - I love him so much - he is just a doll!!!

We had dinner at Bonefish Saturday night with my best friend Shonna. Dinner was EXCELLENT, and we shopped a little before dinner and exchanged gifts. It was a great day! I love her so much and it was nice to spend the day with her.

Monday we dropped by my mom's house to pick up some old junk of mine: beanie babies, Mary Moo's, Winnie the Pooh figures. CRAZY the stuff you collect when you are younger, or that old boyfriend's give you. Anyway - off to ebay they will go. Keith is setting up a painting/present wrapping/package shipping/ebay picture taking area for me in the garage. I want to get some black fabric and make a backdrop so my pics are easier to take. This is going to be a busy couple of weeks with ebay. I haven't ebayed for my MIL since September and she has a ROOM FULL of stuff for me to list - WOOHOO! I love it though - it really is fun to me!!!

Now I have an FYI for any of my friends/family: My name is Lori and I am a Nintendo DS Lite addict. My husband got me that thing for Christmas and I am ADDICTED! Seriously - it is better than any anti-anxiety drug I have ever taken - it just zones me right out and I play for hours. I played the thing so much in the last 24 hours I drained the battery (what does that tell you about my anxiety level in the past 24 hours???) But seriously - this is the most awesome present I have gotten in ages and i love it and love my hubby for allowing me to be a "GAMER!"

Well, I am not posting pictures for now. We are hunting for a new computer, and probably until we get one well - I won't post many. Because my computer does not LIKE it when I do. So I will try and share the rest of my Christmas pics ASAP, our New Year's Eve pics, etc.

OH - and Kobe the siberian husky went back home this past Sunday - THANK YOU JESUS for giving me the patience to make it through that week and 3 days and not kill Kobe!

Love & Blessings...

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