Sunday, February 24, 2008

Changing Weather....more creativity?

Not sure that the weather is actually changing around here. I do live in Tennessee and let me tell you we have the most UNPREDICTABLE weather I've ever experienced. My nephew was born May 5th, the day before I left my freshman year at college in Knoxville, TN. It snowed that day and the next - IN MAY! It is February, and I honestly had the air conditioner on in the past month - CRAZY! I am feeling more creative lately. I think now that we have the new computer, and it is not such a MAJOR deal to get online, upload photos, ebay stuff - I am feeling like I can play in my scrapbook room. It was the place where the "computer" lived and I never wanted to go in there! But now it is fun, plus with my new wireless router I can use the computer from anywhere in the house & so I feel like my scrapbook room is my SCRAPBOOK ROOM, not an "office". So to answer the twopeas daily blog challenge - I don't think the weather is making me feel more creative, but I think it is my mood. I am branching out - making things for my house, small books that aren't so overwhelming to accomplish. I just feel like I am getting a lot of creative things done. So changing weather the cause? No - but that's ok b/c I am still getting a lot done.
Just an FYI, I am blogging from Panera Bread! I LOVE THIS!
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