Sunday, March 2, 2008

I got a deal!!!

We went to Office Depot to kill time before a movie tonight. We were looking for something for the laptop. When we walked outside they had all these office chairs on sale - the Christopher Lowell Chairs were so cute, and I had drooled over them on the way it, but saw the sale price was $117.00. Well Keith took a closer look and THIS CHAIR was on clearance for $58.00

Keith said if you want it I will buy it for you right now and showed me the price. They had ONE in a box, so off Keith went with the take one paper and the sign off of the box. When he got inside to pay the lady gave him another $9.00 discount. SO my chair (plus the candy bar Keith bought to sneak into the movie- bad, bad, bad! LOL!) was $53.00 with tax! I am so excited!!! Keith is going to build a small table for my Klic-N-Kut and cuttlebug, so I have a place for them. And this chair will sit at that table. My cabinets are stark white in the room, but because we'll paint this new table pink probably, it will look great! I am so excited, I NEVER find deals like this - NEVER! And this is like THE NICEST chair EVER!

We went to see Vantage Point at the movies. Not one of my favs. I am not really into shoot 'em up movies - that is Keith's thing - obviously he is a guy. It was very confusing at times. About the same as most government conspiracy, gun and bomb movies.

Then we had dinner at our favorite Mexican Restaurant. Unfortunately it was not as enjoyable as it could have been b/c of the band playing the ENTIRE time we were eating. This bluegrass band was there the last time I ate there, the night Shonna was over to scrapbook. We had a couple of margaritas and we were sitting toward the back of the restaurant, so it wasn't too bad (trust me it was the liquor, we were still too close if we'd been drinking tea!) Tonight, no drinks, combined with "fans" of the family (a.k.a. their familes: wives, parents, etc.) being very loud and saying "check that Willie!" when the band did what was apparantly a Willie Nelson song. WHEW! It was not a pleasant experience. I do understand that this is a personal preference as far as music is concerned, and that part I could deal with. But when you set up a stage in the middle of the path to the bathroom in a normally busy restaurant, it is kind of annoying. I had to text Shonna when we got home and tell her our favorite band was playing tonight. She just laughed.

I was up early to buy Kenny Chesney Concert tickets for July 5th. Seems like a long way off but it will be here before you know it. I cannot wait to see my man again! Not to mention the other acts that will be there. The first time I put in for tickets on the website I got 3rd ROW tickets! OMG! Crazy, I wasn't even trying for tickets like that, in fact was looking for the cheap seats because it is a big group of us going and we just want to hang out, listen to some good music and have fun. If I WANTED those stinkin' 3rd row tickets I couldn't have gotten them to save my life! LOL! Then of course I put my CC# in to pay and I'll be danged if my CC was expired! I never use the thing, just for things like this, and didn't even KNOW it had expired. So frustrating. So there I was ready to pay and just had to put my check-card number in. No big deal really, but like I said was buying a group of tickets, and had told the others I was using my CC. I feel so bad. I'm such a dummy! Oh well, stuff happens! That is my motto most of the time in life. And yes i know i just shocked some people with that word, but it's true! I try to go with that motto b/c if I don't then well I get all worked up about stuff and let it bother me for days. Stuff happens doesn't mean I don't care - it just means - can I change it? Nope, so I have to just chalk it up to STUFF HAPPENS and move on.

I am staring a new challenge over at it is the 21 day challenge. We have to start a journal and Rhonna Farrar will give us daily inspiration to take 21 days to "start/change" a habit. It was supposed to start March 1. So tomorrow after Keith goes to work, I will finish up the two art journals I have for a swap, and then start on my 21 day challenge journal.
Well it is 3:44am. I'm awake because Marlie decided she needed to bark like someone was outside the back door, and now of course she is laying on the couch SNORING, and here I am blogging. So I am going to get a drink of water, and try to settle back down and go to sleep. Have a super day!
Love & Blessings...

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