Friday, February 15, 2008

I am blogging from my new PINK Dell Laptop!

Well, I finally did it - I ordered a new computer. I waited and waited for Keith to participate, I mean he has to use it too - but he just kept putting me off. So last week I went online and ordered a laptop. I have always wanted one, not to mention that it takes up WAAAYYYYY less room in my scrapbook room. And then Keith can use it anywhere in the house as soon as we get our wireless router. It is PINK and oh so pretty! No come the return of posting pictures. I just uploaded the two pictures below - I am SOOO excited! I'll refer to them later in my post, as I have LOTS to catch you up on.

First of all, it is still Valentine's day here at the West household. We never get to do V-day on THE day because Keith is always working. We thought with his new job he MIGHT be off, but since he is still a "lowly" MIT (manager in training) he follows the schedule he's given. So Valentine's day is ACTUALLY going to be tomorrow for us. I am so excited. I got Keith a really cool razor & of course made him a card, and there are 2 cute little monkeys to attach to his package. I'll post the card after I give it to him. :o)
Next, last weekend my BFF, Shonna, came down for a visit. She got here Saturday morning at 7am and we scrapbooked, we talked, we shopped, we had an awesome time and we were DETERMINED to stay up until Keith got home from his close, well at 10:30pm we woke up and realized we slept through Mean Girls and we were pooped. The two margaritas we had at dinner didn't help I am sure! LOL! We even stopped by the liquor store to get some more provisions and we didn't even open them - goodness I am old!!! But we had so much fun. I love her so much and I am so glad to have her in my life. She is way more than a best friend, she is the sister I never had. We also made these awesome quote books while she was here. I will post when mine is COMPLETELY done! And the picture at the top left - is part of my Valentine from her. She knows me so well - and doesn't mind my PUNK/REBEL side at all! I love my little journal and it is sitting here right beside me now while I ponder what to do with it.
Also I finished up a Valentine postcard swap I was in and mailed those off last week. I posted a picture on if you go there and look up eeyorestayl you'll see them. And when I got home from mailing them I had a RAK from Silver on my stamping group. The above left picture is the ATC Silver made and sent me - SO PRETTY! I love those stamps - think they are Tim Holtz. :o)
Remember how I posted that I was addicted to my new DS Lite Keith got me for CHristmas. We I bought him one off of Ebay and it is really good for him - it allows him some down time when he needs to decompress. Well, my MIL - Pam - saw them and so I bid on one for her on ebay. It has taken me nearly TWO WEEKS, but I finally won one for her - WHEW! She is a game junkie like me so she will have so much fun with it. Now who else can I bring over to the "GAMER" side with me, anyone???
And finally I am going to ask? Do you think it is ok for people walking their dog, to let them STOP, PEE IN YOUR YARD, and then KEEP ON GOING. Now mind you these are your neighbors who are in their yard constantly. And they have a lovely yard, but they WILL NOT let their dog pee in their yard!!! So they bring him right across the street to mine! We have been pulling into the drive when he was allowing this, and he hurried off down the street and I made sure to say "That is VERY RUDE!" loud enough for him to hear. I have opened and shut the front door LOUDLY when he was RIGHT THERE at the mailbox allowing his dog to pee all over! I even opened the blinds and let Marlie bark at him, he doesn't care. Now not only do I not it and think it is rude. I have flowers down by the road at the mailbox most of the year - and he pees all over them, and kills them! I mean - come on - that is stinkin' rude! So yesterday I was all upset over my doctor up and moving to another state, then seeing this neighbor man letting his dog pee all over my yard, and Keith says "Put a note down there." So that is just what I did. I posted the following (yes in red) "PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR DOG PEE ON OUR MAILBOX OR IN OUR YARD!!!" Yes I over-react to a lot of things, but respect my property, ya know? Oh well it is just something else to talk about in therapy on Monday! LOL!
Love & Blessings...

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  1. Hi Lori,
    I just made a quick stop in Tennessee stampers and found out you have a blog. Was tickled to find you in blogger world now. I moved to Dickson now. Mom and Dad bought your old childhood home on Southwood and I bought the house next door that they lived in. Mom is having major back surgery on Monday so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I will be popping in to read your blog and please come and visit mine.


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