Sunday, February 17, 2008

You must check out this ruler!!!

Click on my title to check the link out. I bought this ruler from the seller on ebay. And although it says for quilting, it is AWESOME! It will not slip on paper either and I LOVE IT! I can see through it, it isn't huge, and it's great. I have long been on the search for a PERFECT paper trimmer and that was never found. So I have started using snap knives and a cutting mat. And my mom got me a great metal ruler with cork on the back, but it slipped on me once and you who know me, know that I DO NOT do knives or sharp things anyway - so once that ruler slipped I was terrified. So back i went to my old trimmer. But then I found this on ebay, bought it and it ROCKS!!! So if you are in need of paper trimming awesome-ness - check out this ruler!

Love & Blessings...

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