Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I got my BIG BITE!!!

Yes, the Crop-a-dile II BIG BITE! I have been wanting this thing for weeks. Heard that Hobby Lobby had it 2 weeks ago, but when I went, not a single one on the shelves. When I got home realized two stamping group members had beaten me to it and gotten the only 2 they had. :o( So this morning was the first morning for 40% coupon this week, and I was there at 9:25am to buy my BIG BITE! I know to those of you that do not scrapbook (or sew or have a hobby at all) this sounds crazy! But this is the NEWEST toy, I mean tool I wanted and I HAVE IT!

Now if the rest of the day had only gone that smoothly. I have felt sick all day. ALL DAY. It probably has a lot to do with the medicine the doctor has me on right now, but I tell ya - I could do without it, well not really, but I am SO VERY TIRED, and SO VERY SICK at my stomach. I slept most of the day. Poor Keith was off, but I honestly don't think he minded (is that a word?) because he was snoozing too. UNTIL the doorbell rings, and a religious group started to slip their religious paraphenalia through the doorjamb. Now why they do this I will never understand. I mean it is illegal to put stuff in the mailbox I know, but shouldn't it be just as illegal to slide things into people's homes? Anyway - Marlie is not so fond of unannounced visitors and she went nuts. Because since we've lived here this group comes once every couple of weeks and ring the doorbell and when I don't answer they SLIDE the paper in the doorjamb. So Keith says "why don't you just tell them to go away?" I mean is that really proper? They are a religious group after all, and that just seems disrespectful, but it is MY HOUSE. But he got to experience it for himself today and let me tell you he was NOT happy, but did he get up and talk to them - NO! He was just as unsure as I was about how proper it was to do something like that. But we did decide that this is private property and that is trespassing (realize we were both in a stupor from being awoken by Marlie barking to the doorbell ringing and this all sounded VERY SANE in that sleepy stupor). Soooo what are we going to do about it you ask? I have no idea. But it sounded really good when we both agreed they were trespassing! I think a lot of it has to do with, we are both pretty private people. We don't like ringing doorbells, and such. We just really want to be left alone unless we've invited you here. So the point of my story, there really isn't one, I guess I just found comfort in the fact that hubby is as goofy as I am about some things. :O)

My appointment for therapy got cancelled AGAIN TODAY! I have had probably 5 to 6 cacelations in the 3 years I have been seeing her. And that seems like a lot to me? I mean that is 2 a year. But I guess when you see a doctor/therapist as often as I see her, that's going to happen huh?

Ok, it is 3:28am, and I am off to put clothes in the dryer and go back to bed.
Love & Blessings...

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