Tuesday, March 18, 2008

and one more scrapbook page...

I did this page for another challenge over at Willow Traders. It was a pink and brown challenge. How cute is my little Marlie-Parlie? That was when she was 3 months old or so. Still loves to show that tummy, and although she has a little more hair and is a little bigger - she looks the same. SO SWEET!

And I won a bingo game too! WOOHOO! I never win anything! So excited. When I get my loot in the mail I will post a picture.

I am feeling so icky. I have slept so much, and could sleep so much more. On a positive note, my therapist called and I got an appointment on Thursday. I am so glad, because it really rocks my world when appointments get changed. My OCD is typical in the fact that I am a planner. And when plans change or get messed up - oh my....you don't want to be around me! LOL! But seriously - I am just a creature of habit. I could eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch or dinner for the rest of my life and be just fine. I think I ate enough chicken noodle soup when i was little that I ought to own stock in Campbell's.

Tomorrow I go to see my psychiatrist, and I hate going to the hospital, which is where the appointment is. So hopefully Keith will take me and go in with me.

Now, remember that SWEET puppy I told you about earlier, well she and Missie Moo got into a fight again last night! When she is tired she is a WITCH! I finally had to put her in the bedroom with Keith and leave Missie out in the living room with me. Poor Moo, she was so scared. And today she will not come ANYWHERE near Marlie. Missie is nervous enough, I hope she can move past this. And yes I know I am talking about a dog, but if you've met my dog - you know it's true.

Ok, I am off to try and eat some crackers, and hopefully drift back to sleep.
have a super night and tomorrow!!!
Love & Blessings...

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