Thursday, April 3, 2008

Been a few days, I am a slacker....

I have just not felt well. No I do not have some mysterious illness. I have gotten lots of emails asking if I am ok, and if I need anything. So I figured it was finally time to spill. We are trying to have a baby, and we have run into some issues. So they have given me medication (which makes me feel HORRIBLE) and we're going from there. Keith and I swore we would never do the whole fertility thing, but you can't really say that until you are in the situation. You go one step at a time. I won't bore you with all the details, but please keep us in your thoughts. It has been a long road dealing with my OCD and finally deciding the time was right to add a little one to our family, so it is very frustrating now that we are running into some stuff.

Now FUN STUFF! This weekend is MULE DAY! If you don't know what MULE DAY is go to to It is a really cool time of year, and I LOVE the parade. NO I did not grow up here, so I am NOT sick of it yet! LOL! I love going out to the park and watching all the Mule Competitions and especially walking through the barn and seeing all the babies. Plus there are usually some pretty cool crafts and stuff at the park. Just a fun, hometown spirit weekend. So I will have pictures this weekend!!! It is REALLY crazy around town, and has been since Tuesday. But I really enjoy it.

Ok I have been posting ebay auctions all week. I now have 67 items up for sale on ebay. Look in my links if you want to see what I am selling. There are video games, shoes, rubber stamps, brass stencils,scrapbooks, papers, and on and on. I will be adding more every 3 or 4 days. So keep checking back! Most of my auctions start at 99 cents and have NO RESERVE!

I am finally coming down from my EBAY-O-RAMA HIGH, so it is time for bed. Have a GREAT THURSDAY!!!
Love & Blessings...

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