Saturday, March 29, 2008

warm & fuzzies...

Well it is officially Saturday b/c it is 1:40am. And my baby, Marlie, is 3 today! I cannot believe that we brought that little puppy home nearly THREE years ago! That also means that my big girl - Missie, will be six in a month or so. Time does fly.

I successfully ate some soup and a sandwich tonight. WOOHOO! I even took my medicine after I ate! That is a miracle. I am not going to be overly positive that this will last...but it was nice to eat and ENJOY IT. Since I do get hungry. :o)

Now onto my best friend, Shonna. She has met a nice guy - but That is her story to tell. So from the bff/sister perspective - I must say that I have not seen her this happy - EVER! I have never seen her this comfortable or at ease. She GLOWS! She is HAPPY! It is so warm & fuzzie to be around.

I am moving some things around in my scrapbook room, and Keith hung a magnetic/dry erase board for me. I bought some little magnetic containers that will hang on it to hold some "odd" embellishments I have. And I wasn't feeling well when he hung it, but when I went in there last night I saw he'd written me a sweet little note on the board. Gotta love him! Then tonight he came home with a present, the cutest pink pen with a little case. He had to go to Office Depot for work this morning and saw the PINK pen and knew it had to be mine. Such a sweetie. We've been together for 8 years now, and I know a pen is a small thing, but it just tells me he was thinking of me today.

It is now 2:00am, and I am watching "The Prince & Me 2". I love cheesy, warm & fuzzie movies. Princess Diaries, The Prince & Me, you know those Disney girl movies. So I am off to watch, and hopefully fall asleep.
Love & Blessings...

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