Monday, April 28, 2008

what an afternoon...

So I know I told you all that I had gotten a brand new PINK bike and hubby has a bike now too. And we've been riding as much as we can. Well it has drizzled on and off here for a few days, and hubby had to do some adjustments on my bike. So this afternoon, it was clear, hubby had tightened my chain guard, it was a nice cool afternoon. So I grabbed my mp3 player and off I went. I got 1/2 way through my ride. Which was a pretty good walk from home, and the chain came off. Well I HAVE NO CLUE how to put the chain back on the bike, not to mention that things are dangling and frankly I think my brand new pretty pink bike is broken!!! So I walk ALL THE WAY HOME PUSHING MY BIKE (i am sure neither the bike or i looked so pretty then) and called my husband at work. (hubby is in bold type)
"Thank you for calling Panera, this is Keith how may I help you?"
"WHAT did you do to my bike?"
"Excuse me, ma'am?"
"Oh baby, it's you, what do you mean?"
"It is broken and I had to walk all the way home!"
"What is broken, explain it"
"Well the thingy is hanging, the chain is off the bike, and the peddles are going all fast but don't do anything when you peddle them!"
"Ok you have to be more specific. Thingy? Chain is off the bike ENTIRELY?"
"Baby, I think I need to teach you how to change gears, b/c i ran through them all and it was fine."

By this time I am so upset trying to explain, I am tired and coughing from walking in the cold (it has been in the 80s here, today was in the 40s and b/c I was ridinhg I wasn't wearing the WARMEST CLOTHES.) And my poor husband has no idea what is wrong with the bike, if anything, and is totally frustrated with me I know. He finally says....

"Did you call me just to yell at me?"

God bless him, he must really love me!

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