Friday, April 25, 2008


I AM SO EXCITED! I got a new bike! NO COMMENTS about my SO VERY TRENDY outfit, or about my hair. But you can see a little of my tattoo on my left ankle! :o)

I had an old bike at my mom's and was going to get it and get it cleaned up, but when I called her about it, she had sold it. Which was my fault, should have gotten it before now. But she told me she would buy me a new one. So I found a PINK ONE! It is a Schwinn Cruiser! And I LOVE IT! Thanks goodness Keith knows about bikes and has gotten the seat at the correct height, the handle bars right, and he can tighten the chain and such. Plus he got a bike too, so we can ride together! We went riding last night at 11:30pm when he got home from work. It was NICE AND COOL out, and we took a pretty long ride. I just love my bike. SO VERY MUCH! It is a really good work-out, but I am always still smiling when I get done! LOL!

Now add that to a very busy week of dinner with Shonna & Brad, and giving doggie's haircuts and baths. Well that would be enough to tire ANYONE OUT. But add in that we used some horse clippers on Missie Moo because the doggie clippers weren't strong enough, so we borrowed Lester's (my FIL) horse clippers, and Keith went TOO LOW. She got a razor burn, and she looks like she has the mange on one side of her body! Thank GOD we found (THANK YOU TO MY MOTHER IN LAW!!!) a groomer called "FURRY CHILDREN" and she was able to take Missie this coming Tuesday. She is just going to shave her completely down for the summer, poor baby. But Missie does have some skin issues, and I think this might help us get some conditioning done to them. I won't post a picture, because Keith & I will get hauled off to the pokey for doggie abuse. I had a panic attack it was so bad. Oh my poor poor baby.

Right now I am sitting here at Panera waiting on Keith, blogging, and playing on the computer. I met Shonna for lunch and a movie today, and with gas prices it is just easier to ride to work with Keith and bring the laptop and kill time until he can leave. Which at Panera is usually around 10:45pm or so. So not too bad. I will say I get a good dinner out of it! A yummy Asian Chicken Salad, and he fixed me a Mango Smoothie with Raspberry Drizzle - YUMMO!

Ok enough of my blabbering today. I am ready to head home and ride some bikes!
Love & Blessings...

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