Sunday, April 20, 2008

a beautiful Sunday afternoon

I am sitting here looking out my picture window, blogging away, while Marlie is enjoying sitting in her daddy's chair watching everything going on in the neighborhood. I let them both outside to play, but Marlie wanted to come back in (and Missie never wants to stay outside unless you are kicking a ball for her.) So here we sit enjoying the windows being open, and the sound of the washing machine. WE MISS DADDY THOUGH! He is at work, and we pouted and asked him not to go, but he said he had to - LOL! He said it was really hard to leave us because we were all so cute. Gotta love that man of mine!

We have been trying to rent movies all week, always out of what we want; then we tried going to the movies and I got sick before we got there and we had to come home. UGH...I just thought I was going to die right there standing outside my truck. But I made it home and went to bed. Keith went out to his mom's to see his step-dad's new outdoor fireplace he'd built. I think we were just trying to relax after the emotional day we had on Wednesday. So...last night Keith got to come home reasonably early and he took me to the movies. We went to see Prom Night. Yes I know cheesy, horror movie. But I have loved those types of movies since Scream came out in college. So we get our tickets, our popcorn, our drinks and head to the theater. I am so excited because I NEVER get to see good scary movies in the theater. We go in and of course we were probably the oldest people in there at 8:50pm at night, but I digress. Then we take a seat in our "perfect" location (we always go to the local theater and we know EVERY ROOM and the PERFECT SPOT!), sit down, and about 4 minutes into the movie, it begins. The door (which we are beside) opens and closes about 3 MILLION times. People are up/down/up/down/up/down the stairs, of course you hear all these teenagers laughing and acting stupid. And I mean I TALK during movies, so I could care less, but don't do it so loudly that I cannot hear the movie! THEN, this one poor couple (who looks about our age) goes to leave the theater. The husband tells the wife to sit near the front and he will be right back. And when he comes back he has the security guard and manager with him. NOT SURE what those kids were doing in the back, but apparently they pissed these people off. After watching the scene it seemed the kids were throwing stuff. It was THE WORST experience I have ever had at a movie in our town. I mean awful. I enjoyed the movie and I paid attention as much as I could, but good golly miss molly - kids are RUDE. And with that statement I realize I have become the grown-up I used to think was a BITCH for looking at me with glaring eyes when my friends and I were actin' LIKE TEENAGERS in the mall/movies/anywhere. So funny how the tables just turn one day and there it is.

UPDATE on the FIL: ok he is a clueless jerk. I mean really he is. I blogged about my experience with his new girlfriend on New Year's Eve. So finally this past week we had to run by there to pick something up & Keith tells his dady "You need to apologize to Lori for your girlfriend cussing her out on New Year's Eve." He acted like I was NUTS and he had no clue what I was talking about, and that he wasn't standing RIGHT THERE when it happened. So I repeated the entire story, and he still looks at me like HUH? OMG! Can you say DUMBASS! He is, truly a dumbass. He has NO CLUE! I know my MIL (who divorced him years ago) has told me this since I met them both, but it just becomes more and more painfully clear as time goes on. Thank God my husband is NOTHING like his father, and he was raised by his mother!!!

So had a very busy last week: funeral, Keith has flat tire on the way home - have to pick him up, and that one flat tire ends up costing $1000.00 (it was more than the tire,) sick as a dog, laundry piling up for days, and terrible experience at the movies, and all the normal OCD stuff I deal with everyday no matter what...Honestly that just sounds like a week in our crazy life! (Oh and yes I know I sound like a neurotic mess, it's because I haven't slept since Friday night...LOL!)

I did a bunch of layouts last weekend, so once I figure out my new camera, I will take some pictures tonight and post them, along with pictures of my tattoos. My ankle finally looks good, so I am ready to show the world my latest. I got it 4 months ago, but wearing pants and socks over it during the winter, plus the way your skin gets dry in the winter (no matter how much lotion you put on it) made it take a little longer to heal than usual. OH - and check out my ebay auctions...ok honestly I am stopping now, really I am, I have to b/c I am rambling...
OH wait...PRAYERS NEEDED for some special friends Beth & Lottie, they are having some medical issues in the family; and prayers for another special friend of mine I haven't heard from in a few days and I am getting worried about her.
Love & Blessings...{for real this time :o)}

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