Thursday, May 15, 2008

what a day...

First of all here are some pics of my hibiscus tree and lily plants. They are doing so well, they love the corner of the house where we put them.

A neighbor's dog was on our porch when Keith got home yesterday, and when I went outside to help him get the information off the tag, Marlie snuck out behind me. Well he attacked her. We have two teeth marks, several bruises, and one pretty bad bit that is open. I took her to the vet this morning, and they gave me antibiotics b/c they do not suture bites due to bacteria causing infections. She is not normally a jumpy, nervous dog - but she has been since this happened yesterday. Plus she is hurting. You can tell she is not putting weight on that leg b/c of all those bruises.

Just now the doorbell rang, and it was the animal control officer. I had to file a report, and he is on until 8pm tonight and will try to catch the owners at home to tell them what has happened. I mean I feel bad, their dog might have gotten out, but judging from driving by there on the way to vet, they have no fence, and no sign of a dog lead or anything. Plus, the dog was up the street in another yard fighting with another dog when I was driving. It just isn't responsible, and I don't want to be a bitchy neighbor, but I had to pay a $44.00 vet bill for antibiotics and office visit today, that I shouldn't have had to pay, ya know? The officer said it is a civil issue about the bill and I would never take someone to court over $44.00, but he may have to write them a ticket for not having a licensed animal, with no rabies tag. ohhhhh......

Lord, please let these people be calm and not be hateful about this, and understand that their dog hurt our dog and they need to be more responsible.

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  1. Beautiful flower picture. Stay positive and Have a wonderful day.



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