Thursday, May 15, 2008


Keith asked me to go to a movie and dinner on our first date. I told him I didn't like going to see a movie on a FIRST date because you didn't get a chance to talk. This is so amusing to both of us 8 years (almost 8 1/2) later, because we both LOVE to watch movies. We both had extensive VHS collections when we met, and we got a DVD player from my brother & SIL as a wedding gift. We have gone to the movies more since we've lived here, than we ever have before. For one thing, you can go to the movies cheap here in town. $25.00 will get you two movie tickets, large popcorn w/ free refills, 2 large drinks w/ free refills and a candy of your choice. This is usually our dinner that night, so it works out pretty well. And because Keith has known the people who own the mom & pop rental place in town, we go there and have since we moved here. It was on the other side of town when we moved here, and there were about 4 places in between. But the folks there are GOOD to us, and it is nice to go in there. Not to mention that they sell the dvds after they've rented them out for just a little while. So if I really love a movie, I ask her to hold a copy for me and I buy it. Usually for $9.99 or under. Sometimes it is buy 2 get one free!

Now all that information to tell you two things. Monday night we went to see "What happens in Vegas" with Cameron Diaz & Ashton Kutcher. SO FREAKIN' FUNNY! We loved it! It was great! So funny!!! There was a lady in there that had to be at least 75 or so, and even she was laughing. It was hilarious. Really good funny movie with a love story thrown in too.

Then today during out Home Depot run Keith called the rental place and asked Jimmy to hold "MAD MONEY". Let me tell you if you like funny movies, this is another one you have to see. I LOVE Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah - they are both hilarious!!! But since Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise I haven't been a fan. But she is really good in this movie and made me like her again. Even if I still think Tom Cruise has a couple of screws loose.

We still have one more movie to watch. "One Missed Call", yes I know Shonna is saying "WHY LORI WHY?" right now b/c it is a scary movie. But I love them every once in a while. We will watch this in the morning before Keith goes to work, so I'll let you know how it is. :o)

I have two swaps to work on, two journals to work on, and Keith is working tomorrow night, so I think it will be a good time for me to lock myself in my room tomorrow staring at 1pm when he leaves and I am not coming out until it is time for Grey's Anatomy. That gives me 7 hours to get those two art journals done. I am SO intimidated by both of them. One belongs to a women I respect a lot, and who does the most awesome artwork. The other belongs to someone who doesn't like me very much, so I want my work to be great in both journals.

Ok it is 1:34am, and even though I slept from 9pm to midnight, I am ready to sleep some more. Off to dream of all the pretty plants we bought at Home Depot, and how nice our yard will look when we get it all ready this year.

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

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