Monday, July 21, 2008

Mazie is such a sweetie...

This afternoon when Keith got home from work we had to return 2 movies to Silver Screen (our local DVD rental store.) So I suggested we load all 3 girls up into the truck for a ride, and also so we could let Mazie meet Ms. Karen that owns Silver Screen. She is a dog lover and had seen pictures but really wanted to meet Mazie.

So I attached Mazie's new leash (sidenote: I love a 4 foot leash and the gentle leader harness we got her. She is a different dog when out walking), got Marlie's harness on, and Missie's collar - put Missie & Marlie on the double leash and out the front door we went. We all loaded up nicely, and amazingly, they all found their spots in the truck. This was the first time all 3 had been in the truck together - they did so good. When we got to Silver Screen, Karen had me bring Mazie into the store. She did SOOOOOOO good, and Karen asked a lot of questions and wanted to know about her, and we had a few people standing & listening. Asking to pet Mazie. She was such a good baby, and it was so cool to see so many people interested. Not realizing she was hearing and visually impaired, but when they did still saw how AMAZING she was. I was just so proud of my girl. I really wish I lived closer to more Lethal White owners to do events. But I know now what Jeff & Dede told me was SO VERY TRUE. She is changing our lives, and we are so thankful to have her. :o)

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