Wednesday, July 16, 2008

:o) So Proud (o:

Well first I am going to start this post off with a BIG BRAG on myself. July 4th & 5th are a really rough time for me usually. In 1994 my dad passed away on July 5th & then in 1995 my Mama Elsie passed away on July 4th. So my first couple of years of college, not so great. I usually let this "Celebration" weekend pass without much enjoyment. I hated the fireworks, I just would rent movies and cuddle up in bed, or scrapbook my ass off. Well the 4th came and went, then the 5th came - we went to see Kenny Chesney at LP field (more on that later,) and then the 7th came and went and I had therapy and was having a good day. And then suddenly probably on the 10th I realized those days had passed for the first time in 14 years without me going into a depression. That is a pretty big deal for me. And not because I normally went into a horrible depression that lasted forever, etc. But I just shut down for a few days. July 4th I was out workin in the yard and keeping Missie Moo occupied while the fireworks were going off everywhere. :o) And on the 5th we met Shonna, Patsy & Ricky at Logan's off of West End Ave. downtown, and that fun day began. WOW! And the funny thing was I went to therapy and didn't even TALK about this stuff! WOW! Ok so big pat on my back. :o) YEAH ME!

Mazie is now sleeping in the bedroom with us at night. Not in a crate. She now only goes in the crate when BOTH of us leave the house. I still can't trust her little puppy mouth - she likes to chew. But I can't blame her. All babies chew - they are teething, and Mazie is no exception. Now some of you are thinking...hey wait this dog is 2 years old. NOT SO MUCH! That is what we were told originally. But Keith called her foster mom last week to get some information, and we were told she would be 2 NEXT January 19th. Well just like there is a big difference between a 1 1/2 year old & 2 year old human babies. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between a 1 1/2 year old & 2 year old fur-baby. We're doing pretty good. No accidents in the house in the past 3 days (KNOCK ON WOOD, KNOCK ON WOOD, KNOCK ON WOOD!) I do have the spare bathroom & bedroom closed off. And I only open my scrapbook room for her to go in when I am in there. But she has to learn, and we did the same things with our other two girls.

This past Saturday, we had all my aunts, uncles, cousins over for a BBQ. SO FUN! My brother, SIL & nephew even made it. I was so happy. :o) Keith worked so hard on the back and front yards. He weeded, mowed, built steps up to the deck from the new patio. I painted tables, hung pictures, decorated, but Keith did 95% of the outdoor stuff. And well at around 3:30pm as he was cooking it came a DOWNPOUR! So the debate about whether it was too hot to eat outside was solved for us. I mean it went form BEAUTIFUL to GLOOM & DOOM THUNDER in 5 minutes. It was crazy!!! Later it cleared up and some Debbie & Betty went to sit outside, but I just felt so darned bad for Keith. But he did get to show off his new steps to Donnie and that was the main thing (my uncle Donnie is a cabinet maker/wood GENIUS.)

I have pictures of the KC Concert, pictures of Mazie, and am getting Ellen to email me pics of Saturday. And I will post them all soon. But I am tired, and Mazie is actually sleeping pretty soundly, so I better scram and get to sleep so I CAN sleep. Like having a new baby - I tell ya! :o)

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