Friday, July 4, 2008

Meet Mazie...and some other stuff

Well this week started out SUPER wonderful. Monday morning we called about a Lethal White in Kentucky that needed rescue. We chatted with the lady, and it was pretty much a GO! So Keith called her and scheduled us to pick up "Helen" on Wednesday. So that was SUPER exciting.

Then some shocking news in our family. My cousin was just diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer. She starts her treatments this coming Monday - so please keep her in your prayers. I was so praying that when she got the final test results all the doctor's speculating would be wrong, but that was not the case. But her attitude is GREAT, and we have started a prayer chain like no other. So please keep 'em coming for her.

I also had lunch with my friend, Lynn, on Monday. We had lunch at Buckhead coffee house. GREAT Chicken Salad! Then I went and got my oil changed and tires rotated for our trip to Kentucky on Wednesday. Honestly it was good to keep busy after hearing the news about my cousin.

Tuesday I went to my MIL's to work on shirts for Shonna & I. We are going to see Kenny Chesney at LP Field on Saturday, and we decided we wanted cute tank tops to wear. So I made them, along with a pair of flip flops for each of us. You can see these pictures in my artistic adventures flick (2nd one)------>>>It was really a lot of fun. I hadn't done much applique with the embroidery machine, so I did it exactly as Pam told me to. And it was SO MUCH FUN! As stressed and upset as I was, it really took my mind off things. And they turned out SOOOOOOOOOO cute! I used Red, Green & Yellow oN Shonna's since Red is her fav color and it had to have some TRACTOR GREEN on there! And mine is PINK and green OF COURSE! I had started the flip-flops before I went out to Pam's house to do the shirts, and luckily took them and the bandanas along to show them to Pam. And she said "OH you need to use bandana fabric on the tractors!!!" So I did, and they turned out super cute, and I'm telling ya, you can take something "kidsie" and make it JUST DANG CUTE if you use the right fabric and cool colors. :o)
The Flips Flops are just from Hobby Lobby, cost $1.00 a pair. Bandanas were 97 cents and 87 cents and I bought 4 and that did both shirts and both flip flops. So for $15.00 I got an ORIGINAL outfit to wear Saturday, and I will FOR SURE wear it again!

We got everything all setted Tuesday night to go pick up "Helen". We had to drive to Hazard, KY. Not a short drive at all, so we were up at 4AM on Wednesday morning. Off we went. We finally got to the Wal-Mart parking lot where we met "Helen" and her foster mom, and when we saw her it was LOVE AT FIRST SITE! She is deaf/hearing impaired; and we are realizing her peripheral vision is limited but she sees FINE, plays FINE, and LOVES fine. I told Keith, she may not can hear us with her ears, but she can hear us with her heart. And we are already learning to communicate with her. You can see her pics -------->>>
in Life in the World of West. So in love and she is teaching me so much about patience. We still talk to her, but that is ok, she CAN hear us in her own way. :o)
And "Helen" has been re-named MAZIE for AMAZING because that is what she is!!!

Ok, I am off to play with some rubber stamps while all the puppers are taking a nap. And then we'll go outside for playtime, and for momma to swing on the swing daddy bought her! SO EXCITING!!! Just trying to find the happy in life, and keep a positive attitude, and keep myself busy.

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