Friday, June 27, 2008

Passing of a friend...and more grown-up stuff

Keith got a phone call today that one of his friends, Dean Evans, was murdered. He & Keith worked together at Chili's before both moved on to new restaurangs. The title of this blog is a link to "part" of the story. They fail to mention here that the man was seeing a psychiatrist, and told that doctor that he was going to kill Dean. The police contacted Dean about this, but no restraining order was issued. Also what is not mentioned is that Dean was not supposed to be going to work Monday morning at 5am. A co-worker's father passed away the night before, and the co-worker had asked Dean to go in and cover for him that morning. So due to the fact that his was "unscheduled" and the mental instability of this man, he had to have been stalking Dean. It is absolutely horrible to think that he shot him once, and Dean ran and was then shot more times. Keith and I are both just SICK about this, and feel so sad for his little girl. Who now has to grow up without her daddy. Just senseless.

And because I see a psychiatrist, and live in "that" world, I know when you are extremely depressed that you say things you don't mean. But combine a death threat, with harrassing phone calls, texts, and stalking - HELLO issue a freaking restraining order. How hard is that??? And like my mom said, what good would that piece of paper have done at 5am that morning? Which is so true.

And then it hits me. I have never known someone who was murdered before. It is a scary thought, that someone our age, a friend of Keith's, could be murdered. How do you take someone's life? I just do not understand that. Especially someone with a little girl. And all because you were "mad" at him for dating your EX-girlfriend. Hello - she broke up with you!!! I am not trying to be smug, I just am in total shock today, and I know Keith is. It is just scary.

Put that together with my little cousin having such TERRIBLE ear troubles that he already has nothing in his ear canal b/c it has been removed, and now they have told his momma that she has to get him out of Middle Tennessee. Due to all the pollen, etc. here. So she is moving to New Mexico. So of course both boys will be going with her, and that means that Daren will not get to see the boys much (since they are divorced.) And although I know you will do anything to keep your children healthy, it is just a sad situation. Add to that some other health problems for Daren's sister (my other cousin), and it is just almost over-whelming.

I realized today - we are old enough for people to get murdered, and get sick, and all kinds of things i thought never happened to my family/friends. Parents are getting older, and people are retiring that you've seen work all your life. It is really over-whelming, I know I keep using that word, but I don't know what else to say.

So keep Dean's little girl in your prayers, along with the rest of his family; and all the co-workers he's ever known b/c he never met a stranger they said. God Bless You Dean.

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