Friday, June 27, 2008

Can you say MIGRAINE?

My head hurt so badly last night that I kept a cold pack on it for hours. Drugs, Mountain Dew, NOTHING helped. It stunk! Thank goodness it finally dulled enough for me to hit the post office to mail the ebay auctions, since I post that I mail on Thursdays. Then it hit again while I was out. They make ya feel SICK, just sick. So here I am at 3:09am - AWAKE, b/c the only thing that was helping was sleep. So I've gotten a lot of it.

Have you noticed the weird dreams you have when you sleep when you aren't feeling well? I dreamed all SORTS of crazy things, like I was teaching again - yIKES! Not to mention the INTENSE detail my dreams went into. SOOOOOO very weird. I was almost having a panic attack when i woke up just thinking about having to stand in front of a room of children. WOW!

And now I am LITERALLY waiting on paint to dry. Well actually it is ink. I stamped some stuff on glossy cardstock with Staz-On Black at 7:30pm and at 3:11am it is still WET. So I have asked my fellow TS'rs if I need to heat set? I as kind of afraid to with the glossy paper, but I wanna get these things DONE PRONTO and hopefully mailed tomorrow.

Now I wait for the swing leg to be delivered, ink to dry, and for daylight so I can paint some furniture.

So pray I don't chew my mouth guard in half while my head is hurting (YES I wear a mouth guard at night b/c I grind my teeth), and that I can go to sleep. This insomnia thing is really starting to SUCK after 2 years or so...

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