Friday, July 25, 2008


Well it is Friday, and I did a run to Cool Springs. Actually I rode to work with Keith. And ran errands and then came to Panera for dinner and web surfing. :o)

I just have to rave about my new favorite thing. THERAPY SYSTEMS!

BACKSTORY: Since I was 11 or so I have had trouble with my skin. It is VERY SENSITIVE, and I break out easily. I remember my brother being home from college and we went down to the local mall when we lived in Kennesaw Georgia. My mom got Joey & I both set up on the CLinique 3 step-system. I used it RELIGIOUSLY all through my early teens, and then life happens, you don't get to the mall, etc. By this time, my pores were HUGE as well. So from high school, my wedding, up until a couple of months ago I have tried the following: Proactiv, Neutrogena, Oxy Clean, Noxema, Mary Kay, Avon, Beauty Control, etc. And I did go back to Clinique a couple of times, but that stuff is NOT what it used to be, or my skin needs more help than it used too! LOL! But NONE of the prodcuts I tried ever really did any out of this WORLD for my skin. I mean it was clean, but it wasn't CLEAN. And they always smelled so medicinal - YUCK! Not to mention I have tried every kind of make-up to COVER this horrid skin up.

NOW back to THERAPY SYSTEMS!!! A couple of months ago, I went into "The Cosmetics Market" in Cool Springs. I was on the hunt for a new skin care regime. Now remember I have OCD, and going into new places IS NOT my thing, but I was desperate, and I think my anxiety over my skin won out over the worry about a new place. When I walked into "The Cosmetics Market" I was blown away. They were so helpful, and after talking with me about my skin and conditions I have, they decided my best bet was THERAPY SOLUTIONS. It is made here in Nashville, and let me tell you it is a DREAM! I get an OCCASSIONAL pimple, but nothing like I used to, and they go away almost overnight. But I was still having pore issues, and make-up issues.

Can we just say three different brands of make-up ordered from QVC in the past month, and all have been RETURNED!!!

So today I went back to The Cosmetics Market for a consultation; and once again, I am blown away. Their people are SO KNOWLEDGABLE about their products. And since I was already using Therapy Systems with such great results, she just added to my regime. I added a microderabrasion 2x's a week, a new toner to help exfoliate; and THE bEST EVER - THERAPY SYSTEMS HAS MAKEUP!!! So she got me all made-over and then I was just amazed. She used a primer on me, which I have used before, but this one is OUT OF THIS WORLD, plus it is made for lighter skin, and has an SPF. It is ALL NATURAL too! I am so excited!

Now don't get me wrong, it isn't cheap, but neither is most of the things I have tried in the past 10 years. Even if you buy stuff at Wal-Mart, by the time you buy the whole set it is HIGH. But this stuff is worth EVERY PENNY I have paid for it and MORE. I am SO AMAZED.

The primer is by Sue Devitt. Called MICROQUATIC BLUE Anti-aging SPE 30 Protection Primer. First off, I need the anti-aging primer (when did that happen???) But it made my pores appear smaller, got rid of the redness in my complexion, and got my face ready for the mineral makeup. WOW. Now girls - RUN OUT and get some of this. It is made for light skin tones b/c of the SPF 30, but I am sure it cannot be bad for any skin tone. It feels so good when you put it on.

And all MINERAL make-ups are not the same. I have used Bare, Everyday, Revlon, Loreal. Therapy Solutions did not make my face itch or tingle once!!! So nice to be excited to put on makeup and go out with hubby, so I don't feel like I look like a frump-a-lump.

Ok, time to go ask Keith to make me a latte, it is FREEZING in here, b/c their air WORKS! LOL!

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