Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Dark Knight & I made cards!!!

We went to see The Dark Knight tonight. It was really good, plus it was a freebie - gotta love that! WOOHOO! It was easy to see how this disturbed Heath Ledger to play the "Joker" but WOW what a performance. He was the perfect mad-man. And the story was just good anyway. I am usually not into Spiderman, Superman type movies. But we saw Batman Begins with Christian Bale when it came out a few years ago, and I liked him as Batman - so this was a must see (especially FREE!)

Then tonight when we go home Keith had a movie he wanted to watch and I could CARE less about, so I made about 12 or so cards. I used up some card fronts I'd been saving from swaps I'd been in and had left-over of what I made, cool postcards people had sent me in swaps, and some serendipity squares left from Nancy Walker's class at last year's Tennessee Stampers retreat. But goofy me didn't get a single picture! I was so excited to make them and get them WRITTEN IN and AdDRESSED that I almost cried! I mean WOW! Maybe Keith should watch movies I don't like more often???

Mazie is sleeping under my scrapbook table, Marlie is on the couch, and Missie Moo is probably behind the couch. So I think it might be time for bed, b/c it IS 2:12AM and Keith is snoring in the recliner. Will post pictures tomorrow of two swaps I completed this week, and of one card I did with Unity Stamp Company Stamps - LOVE 'EM!

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