Monday, August 4, 2008

My altered dresses

These dresses started as little sheets from a notepad that Kathie (from TS) sent to me for a swap. I made three: sent one to Kathie, one to another TS'er, and kept one for myself. As soon as I opened the envelope I knew these had to be COVERED in flowers. So I went straight for my flower basket. It was so fun to dump them all over my desk and "paw" through them to find co-ordinating flowers. I got them sent off last Wednesday with my row houses & they seem to be arriving at their new homes. I also received an altered dress from Connie - very pretty! Another long day in the people like to hack into my private information life, and forgot to add that Thursday night as we were leaving our favorite Mexican restaurant (where we go on Thursdays to play Trivia) Keith's truck would not start. So since Friday I have not be able to go anywhere. Thank goodness for my MIL who picked me up on Friday and took me around to get all this mess straigtened out. Truck is off to the shop tomorrow, I am off to therapy (I am going to get my money's worth tomorrow b/c I have A LOT to say about a A LOT of things and I might need an extra hour to get through all my anger and hurt I am feeling from a lot of different places right now). And hopefully we'll get to the new PetSmart with our free $5.00 coupon with Mazie & Marlie to show them off.

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