Saturday, August 9, 2008

Keith's new Ride

It is a 1994 Eagle Summit/Mitsubishi Gallant. Yes, I know sounds weird, but it is one of those where they made it and put an American name on it so they could sell it here. It has a Mitsubishi key. So funny! It is 2 door, gets 40 miles to the gallon, has GREAT A/C!!! So great - our insurance has dropped 1/2 the price, and We will save over $800.00 a month in gas. WOWOWOWOOWOWOWOOWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW! The Excursion is FOR SALE! WOOHOO! We've named him "Stealth" b/c he is SOOOOOOOOO stealth. We got some mats and seat covers last night b/c the seats are a little banged up, but it rides good - it looks good. I mean we TOTALLY got a great deal on this car, and are so thankful to have it!!!

Here is a picture of my HAPPY PLACE! Keith bought me this swing when we poured the patio. He got it all put together, now it is MY place. I love to swing. I have ALWAYS wanted a swing, but never liked the styles we saw, until this one. I LOVE IT! And with all the stress of the ID fraud and stuff, I have been SWINGING A LOT at night while the girls play in the yard. And today is the PERFECT day to chill in the swing and relax while Keith is at work.

So here's to saving money and relaxing!!!

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  1. your backyard looks like a wonderful retreat. And forty miles a gallon, how cool!!!


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