Saturday, December 6, 2008

Keith's Birthday

Keith gets to meet all kinds of people working in Franklin, TN in the restaurant business. He has met many Country Music stars, Tennessee Titans, even a movie star or two. So when he came home and told me about meeting this great guy Rory sitting in the cafe one day, and how he was on a show called "Can You Duet?" I thought wow - cool! But didn't think any more of it. Until he continued to tell me about this great guy who just came in to chill and write, and drink coffee. Then about a month and a half ago Rory and his wife (and singing partner) Joey were the new spokespeople. It was a great commercial, and Keith found out that it was filmed about 20 minutes from our house. So on his birthday he wanted to go to Joey's restaurant to have lunch. It is called Marcy Jo's Mealhouse, and is named for Joey and her sister Marcy! We got there kind of late, so we didn't get to have the yummy home cooked meal we were expecting, but we were already there, so we had home-made chicken salad sandwiches, and loaded potatoe salad. Very good! Joey & Rory weren't there that day - they were at their CD release in Nashville, but we will definitely go back again - to see them - and to have that fried chicken!!!

To see my scrapbook pages of this awesome place - visit my other blog - The Paisley Turtle!!!

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