Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fabrics & the Pink Paisley Rag'd Bag

Remember the Rag'd Purse from yesterday? Well I had to have one of my own, but finding my fabrics was a longer process. The bag from yesterday had 4 fabrics all from a coordinating collection at Hobby Lobby, and then ONE fabric from a local store - YES the Peacock feathers and the bold floral squares are both cut from the same piece of fabric!!! Those two squares added the splash I was looking for, but my bag didn't come together as easily.

These are the five fabrics used in my Pink Paisley Rag'd Bag

I started with the Pink Medallions on the left end, and the Pink w/ Black Paisleys on the right end. One day in Hobby Lobby those two fabrics just drew me in and I HAD to have them. But they lacked something to tie them together. There was a bit of black in the Pink Medallion fabric, but not enough to make them truly "go" for my taste. So on a trip to JoAnn's with fabrics in tow, I found the Black & Green Geometric Fabric. It had a great little accent of HOT PINK, and tied my fabrics together. I still wasn't done. The tote that inspired my purse was made from a white solid cotten and one pattern! No way that was going to fly for my wild purse. But I found NOTHING else at JoAnn's.

A couple of days later my MIL told me she saw more at Hobby Lobby she thought coordinated, and I was in luck, they had put out more fabrics! There were probably 6 or 7 more fabrics that coordinated with the Pink Medallion, and that many more that coordinated with the Pink w/ Black Paisleys. I picked up bolt after bolt and laid them beside one another with my little quarter yards I had already bought. Finally picking two more fabrics from the Pink Medallion Line - a diaganol stripe and the White Medallion & Paisley. The White Medallion and Paisley is what tied it all together for me in the end. It had just enough black in it to make them all work. The diagonal stripe was really just for fill. :o)

And here it is my PINK PAISLEY RAG'D BAG!!!
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It is the same dimensions as the bag from yesterday, but I am using mine as a purse. So I would only change one THING! I would make it WIDER! LOL! And I did add an inner pocket to my bag to clip my cell phone to. I might even make a taller bag next time I do this for myself to make an even LARGER interior pocket.

So even if you think you can never put that many patterns together, TRY IT! If you walk into a store and find a piece of fabric or paper for that matter that really catches your eye - BUY IT! Carry it around with you until you find things to go with it, and you will be SURPRISED at what you find, if you are just willing to go outside the box!!!

Stay tuned, my mom has commissioned me to make one of these purses for HER VERY OWN, and I already purchased the fabrics and they are TOTALLY different than either of these first two bags!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT MOM!!!

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  1. I am just loving this bag!! Great job. Thanks for stopping by and giving me a comment on my card!


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