Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So I took a quiz on O.C.D.

It was a two part quiz, 10 or so yes/no questions and 10 or so how deep does this run question (how many times a day do you do it, how dibilitating is it?)

The said a score of 12 & Up could mean that O.C.D. is likely and that you should see a physician.

I scored a 40.

I laughed out loud. I am thinking I don't have one piece of O.C.D. I got the whole thing. I thought back to these two people on the show I watched last night, and the very specific issues they had. He had a germ thing, She was a checker/hoarder. What happens when you have nearly every possible one? I have a germ thing, I check, I hoard, I have phobias, I pull my hair (eyebrows mostly for me - I am very obsessive about plucking them), I repeat things 100s of times. I have bath time, bathroom, bed time, meal time, study time, church time, driving, laundry, mailbox rituals that must be done exactly has necessary or I will be a total wreck, something bad might happen. And even if you prove to me that nothing AWFUL will happen if I do not do them, my head is in EXPLOSION MODE because I couldn't complete them. So I am going to be interested to see how deep they go OBSESSED, or will it be the one hit wonders (maybe two or three hits, ok? LOL!) Or will they try and deal with someone like me???

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