Monday, May 25, 2009

Rag'd Purse

I NEVER buy magazines, I mean NEVER. There are too many cool things out there on the internet for FREE inspiration. But a friend of mine, Lynn, had some things published in Crafts N' Things so I picked up a copy with my trusty 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby. As I was browsing through I saw the CUTEST little summer tote, and it was rag'd. See the picture to the left for a sneak peek, and to begin an understanding of what a rag'd purse is.

They had combined stamping and other things into this tote, but I thought how fun would it be to just get some cool fabrics and make it into a shoulder bag/purse!

This is the purse after it was all sewn together, basically you sew it with the seams facing out toward you. Here is a close up of what those seams look like before the rag'ing begins.

You need a good pair of micro-tipped scissors. I find the Fiskars Micro Tip spring action scissors to be the best. And I found a great deal at JoAnn's - buy one pair get one free in the same package, and used a 50% off coupon on them!!! Super deal! You simply snip every 1/4" or so on all those seams.

After all the seams have been snipped, you run it through a short wash cycle with no detergent (just to get it wet), and then dry the purse. And this is what the seams will look like then!

Finally a picture of the entire bag completely done!!!

This particular tote I made for my best friend for her birthday. She uses it to carry her bible, ipod and book to work with her every day. It is about 18" long x 10" high and about 4" deep.

Tomorrow I will show you the purse I made for myself, and I will talk a little more about picking coordinating fabrics.

Paisley, Cream background Floral, Stripe & Dots are all from Hobby Lobby.
Peacock Feathers & Bold Floral are from a local store here called Carousel Crafts.

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