Tuesday, July 28, 2009

dogs, our nephew and dentists

My nephew has been staying with us since Saturday. It has been so much fun having him here. He is 11 (12 in two months as he readily reminded me at the movies when we were buying his "child's" ticket - doesn't he know that ROCKS to get in cheaper? LOL!) His grandmother was killed in an accident last week, and so we have all been in a little bit of a tail-spin since. I never met her, and she is the ex-wife of my FIL; but with step-families the lines get blurry. And I hurt for my nephew because he is hurting. So although the reason he's stayed so many days with us were not good, I don't want him to go home! :o( He will be back at Keith's mom & step-dad's house where he lives; and I see him at least once a week if not more. But I wish he could stay here a little longer. We have had a blast. :o) Just going to have to have some more days when he comes to spend the night and hang out.

Missie Moo, our border collie, has never cared for our nephew much. He was mean to her when she was a pup, and she NEVER forgot it. Not to mention never really being around children she wants to herd them, not knowing those little ones are people! LOL! But he & Missie Moo bonded. In fact she was in the recliner sleeping with him last night - AWWWWWWW! I even have pictures of Missie getting belly rubs from him. Let me tell you THIS is a miracle!!! But so very precious. :o)
Mazie is not going to know what to do when he goes home either, or Marlie for that matter. But Mazie the most - she CRIED for him while he took his shower today, and he was just in the bathroom with the door shut.......
He has tuckered all three girls OUT this week, and it has been good for them playing with him and if you don't know how little boys can be - well they play rough and sweet and silly and precious all at the same time. It has been a joy to watch!!! And I am telling ya - he will cuddle up with you and watch tv or play a game or anything - and I LOVE THAT!!!

Amazingly, I haven't really felt stressed or anxious since Saturday when he got here. And I am thankful. I did what I had to do, what he needed me to - no matter what. And he gets a little of the O.C.D. - and I only almost cried once when he was pretending to spit loogies on me - EWWWWWWWW! Spit/germs/O.C.D. do NOT mix! But he saw I was about to get a little upset and stopped and gave me a hug and said sorry. Just so sweet!

Finally I had a dental appointment today. Just a filling this time, no shot necessary and I am feeling good. Honestly cannot even tell I had it done. They have come a long way from what fillings used to look like. This is the first filling I have ever had - and I can say I don't WANT to have another one, but I will be ok if I do. :o)

The bad news? Well it is now time for the oral surgeon and Orthodontist. As soon as the next tooth is pulled some cosmetic work MUST be done, or I will have no way to eat. This DOES NOT come at an opportune time considering the hubby still doesn't have the premium job. We are squeeking by, and barely that sometimes - thanks to help from our mom's we are ok. So after I have my next appointment scheduled, but gonna have to cancel. I am kind of frustrated about this, simply because I am on a roll, I am comfortable with our dentist now, I know what to expect and frankly the teeth are hurting that need pulled. One is a baby tooth that never fell out, one is a tooth that had a root canal. So neither are going to do any damage by staying in, but they are painful. But life will go on. I am just one of those people (Yes it may be the O.C.D.) if you tell me I need something done, I just want to go ahead and do it and get it over with. Because the longer I have to think about it, and mull it over - the more likely I am to panic about it. So it would be nice to go for it, have the teeth pulled, see the orthodontist, get the partials made, put the braces on. Ya know? Not to mention that I would like to have teeth with NO ISSUES for a while. I would like to LIKE my teeth for the first time in my life. But again life will go on.

It is 3:12am, and I couldn't really sleep. I am tired, but my mind just won't stop. So going to lay down and try again, and try to get the what did I do wrongs? why do they not like me? what is wrong with me's? out of my head for the night.

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  1. This was a few months ago when you last posted, but I hope your nephew is doing well and the transition was smooth.


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