Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quilting & O.C.D.

I am lucky enough to be able to take a beginning quilting class in August. I am very excited about this class, and it is a treat from my Mother-in-law! I have been finding quilting blogs and websites all summer so I can begin to "figure things out." And then today we spent an afternoon in Book A Million browsing, and I found a quilting pattern book for $5! I figured for the 20 patterns in the book, it was well worth the price.

Now you ask, what does this have to do with O.C.D.? Well, I think it is going to tie in very nicely and be a sense of relief and relaxation. In quilting to have to be precise, find patterns of fabrics that coordinate well together and be able to stick with it until the project is finished (some quilts can take a while.) Well I have never heard of a more fit hobby for someone with O.C.D.! LOL! I mean I can spend hours trying to get something organized perfectly in a drawer - so can you imagine the fun I will have getting a quilt just right?

So although my world is VERY SMALL, and I have few "safe places". I will be attending class in a store where I have been many times, with a teacher I have taken a class with in the past, and doing something that utilizes my O.C.D. tendencies! So this is one thing I can GET excited about, stay excited about, and NOT get nervous about (at least for now!) :o)

And why am I blogging about this at 2:15am, you ask? Well although it was something that was on my mind today (which as you know, if it is on my mind then it stays there for a while) and I have a fluffy white dog who's sleeping on the end of the bed and kicking me like a JACK RABBIT so that I cannot sleep. LOL! (And yes I tried to move her, but have you ever tried to move a 50 pound VERY strong herding dog that didn't want to be moved? They go limp and look at you like YEAH RIGHT!)

Today was a good day filled with lunch with my husband, an afternoon in a book store, a Quilting purchase SCORE, and a yummy dinner of leftover grilled hamburgers & hot dogs (Yes, Momma. I said leftover! I know you cannot believe it!)

Gonna try to move the dog again, and go to sleep. :o)

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  1. Lori, I was up right with you last night and am exhausted today! Both of your blogs are beautiful and I'm glad I found them.


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