Friday, August 23, 2013

a few altered book pages...

These are just a few of the spreads I did in other people's altered books during our year long round robin.  I will be featuring a few spreads in posts of their own.  I really loved some of these spreads and it was hard to send them on to the next person with the book, but I am glad to have pictures of them to remind me of how much I enjoyed them.

This was for an "under the sea" theme altered book. I used a lot of Cricut cuts from the Splish Splash Cartridge.  And I cut a submarine out but cannot remember from where.  I added pictures of the 3 pups we had at the time, and cut waves & mermaids from some really cool K & CO whimsical paper out by hand.

I cannot remember what the theme for this altered book was.  I want to say "deluge" but I think there were some additional words in there.  It was about things we had overcome.  So I chose to use my OCD as a theme.  I used some grainy medium I had in a drawer (that I honestly had no clue what it was for but it worked out well) and mixed it with some paint to make the OCD tornado - hence the page title "This is OCD".  I blacked out most of the words of the page, but left the ones that fit how I feel OCD is/affects me/hurts me.  I sponge/stippled paint on as clouds, and added bling for stars.  The I wrote & stamped the serenity prayer.  This prayer is my all time favorite and has gotten me through some very rough times.  I have the word "Serenity" tattoo'd on my right wrist because of how very powerful I feel this prayer is.  This isn't the prettiest layout to look at but it was very meaningful for me.  I used stickers for the "OCD", and some green paint for grass/earth. 

The theme for this altered book was HOME.  I chose to do birdhouses with the scripture"As for me and my house we will serve the Lord" - Joshua 24:15.  I used the honeycomb paper from Inky Antics to make the birdhouse in the middle, stamped and embellished the two on the right, and the shortest one.  The one on the left is paper pieced with scraps on my table - the roof was a piece of border that I had cut with a punch.  The clouds were hand drawn and cut and sanded for texture.  The owl is a Stampin' Up punch, and I made the grass with cardstock and regular scissors.  Birds: one is a felt embellishment, one is a stamped & paper pieced bird, two were made from a cool little Martha Stewart punch I found at TJ Maxx for $2!

The theme of this altered book was fairy tales.  I immediately started singing "Hey there little red riding hood" when thinking of what to do, and so I went with it.  The trees were all cut on my cricut out of different styles, textures and prints of papers.  I colored a few and added more details.  I found the wolf and Red pictures online and made them jointed with brads.  I added some "eyes" to make the forest look more real, and the background is a DARK DARK blue with a dark green grass.  I also chose to make real banners for my wording and of course used the song lyrics.  This is probably my FAVORITE spread I did, maybe :)

The last two spreads are from a nature themed altered book.  I just did a lot of collage with nature inspired things from my stash.  I am missing one really cool picture out of that book, will try to get my friend to bring it so I can photograph it.  I made the rosette under the little fox out of crepe paper.  I punched the butterflys, then cut them into squares and layed them on parks of the book I did not paint over, then added little trails of bling to them.

This last spread is from that nature book, and I added an envelope and some cool ribbon I had and then glued lots of flowers and a few charms as if they were spilling out of the envelope.  On the right side I added a cool floral napkin I had and then added mirrors and some neat gold flower charms I also had in my stash that a friend had given me.  I was really happy with how this one came out as well.

Thanks for going back in time with me today to see a few of the pages I did in the round robin.  My next posts will focus on some spreads that I have more than one picture of.  Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Oh Lori, these pages are awesome. I love what you did in each of the books. The Red Riding Hood page is brilliant. The trees look so lifelike and the jointed limbs are so smart! The flowers spilling out of the envelope is probably my favorite. I've never done an altered book, but these examples make me want to start.

    Did the owners of the books love your work?? I think they are lovely!!!
    Hugs, Pamikins

    1. Thank you Pam!!!! :) <3 I honestly go back and forth but Red Riding Hood is up there in my all time fav! :) ALtering a book is really nothing more than art journaling with a specific theme I think. I have a Wizard of Oz Book I am going to alter and that will be my them as well - I cannot WAIT!!!!!! :)

      Yes they all loved what I did, and I love my book I got back as well. It was a really nice swap even if it did take more than the year we planned ;) HUGS!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! You are so talented Lori! I love, love, love them all! I can't even pick a favorite, although I do love that octopus quite a lot!

    I'm with Pamikins, I totally want to try my hand at this! It looks like it takes so much patience! Teach me your ways!!! <3

    1. Oh Sweet Red, thank you so much! The Octopus is a Cricut Cut, I will gladly cut some for you. Y'all can totally do this - it is an art journal with a theme! :) Just GO FOR IT :)

  3. Amazing, these altered book pages are awesome. I do love "heh there lil red riding hood - I'm singing it as I text, LoL. But the rest are all very neat as well! WTG Lori!
    M3 - Rose ;)

    1. LoL! I know I love that song, Rose! :) Thank you :) <3

  4. I love looking at your pages, have added you to my bloglovin reader. xoxo


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