Thursday, August 22, 2013

My first altered Book.....2011

As you can see I am a wee bit late in posting these pictures.  I hadn't blogged or done much "art" in the past couple of years, so when I found these pictures I decided they needed to be posted here.  My next few posts will involve a series of altered book pages I did in year long round robin swap that started in January 2011.  We began with our own altered books and created a theme for everyone to follow. I chose Paisley Passion because I LOVE PAISLEYS (I even have a tattoo that incorporates them!)  So these are the pages I did in my altered book before sending it out.

My intro page, the little envelope holds the "rules" for my book
(basically it was do whatever you want just no nudity) 
The cool lady silhouette is a cricut cut, the rest is just 
a collage of paisley and pink things from my stash.

This is my paisley world that I wish I could live in.
Of course it is a paisley beach, with paisley house,
and paisley coral in the surf with a sea turtle swimming.
There are a lot of paper pieced stamps (tree, house, clouds, sand),
sticker bling, turtle sticker, lots of paisley rubons and die cuts,
some ink and a few stamps.

This is just a collage of some of my favorite paisley
"things" in my stash.  I hand drew a paisley and
cut it out of the page, then glued it down to the page
before it in my book that I had painted pink.

More paisley stuff, this page isn't really "done",
one day I may add more to it. But I just cut the
paisley on the right page out of the piece of paper
I glued down to the left page, and when I did I 
backed it with some sheet music.  And some paint,
I am not sure what will finish this, but until it speaks
to me I will leave it be.

So this was the beginning of my very first altered book. I really had no clue what I was doing, but I enjoyed prepping my book and making my pages.  I was very afraid to send my book out after all the work that I put into it, but when it came home a year later I was SO GLAD I had participated in the swap.  Look out for some pages I did in other people's books in the swap in my next posts! 
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  1. First of all I must say, I love your blog title and your header.
    Your paisley book cover is gorgeous and the pages you have shared here, I love. I'm going to try the paper pieced stamping. Thanks for inspiration Lori I look forward to the next posts :0) Mo

    1. Thank you Mo! :) So glad you like it and enjoyed the post. Yes try the paper pieced stamping - it is so much fun! :) Paisley is my obsession so glad I was able to share it with you :)

  2. Lori, I love these pages so much. Your paisley world is so cute, especially the clouds. Oh how I love that sea turtle!!! Cannot wait to see more. Hugs, Pamikins


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