Monday, October 1, 2007

is it time for bed yet???

I am so tired! After an awesome weekend of stamping and fun with friends I got home yesterday and of course SLEPT! Keith was off, but he was worn out too, so we napped, watched the Colts win, ordered pizza, slept some more, watched some tv & started to tape Desperate Housewives & Brothers and Sisters and SLEPT more. I finally was awake about 10pm to watch the finale of Rock of Love - THANK GOODNESS he picked Jess - PHEW! I will take pictures of all the goodies we made this weekend and post more about that soon. But I wanted to annouce, I'VE GONE PINK for October. I read this blog and thought it was a wonderful idea to GO PINK for October. My maternal grandmother had breast cancer and had a breast removed to save her life. It was a very scary experience, and even though she survived, she later died from cancer. So CHECK CHECK CHECK!!! It can save your life!!!

I am off to relax and maybe eat some dinner. GO PINK!!!

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  1. Thanks for going pink AND for linking me! Have a great day!


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