Tuesday, October 9, 2007

such a pretty day!!!

Ok it is SO PRETTY outside today - and my computer has been sick. It is working right now - thank you to my BIL who made some suggestions, so at least we will have the computer for the MINIMAL stuff (like paying bills, checking email) until we can decide what we are going to do. In the midst of the computer mess yesterday we went to see Keith's maw. Who is in her 80's who had a wreck a couple of weeks ago - poor thing she still works at a nursing home - not OUT OF NEED MIND YOU - but she has finally decided that she "might" quit working. This is the closest we have come to ever getting her to quit. She is such a sweet lady - I just love her. And I am SO THANKFUL she is ok, except for her bruised arm and cut on her elbow. In my 80's and working nights at a nursing home taking care of other people - I can only HOPE I am that adventurous and stubborn! LOL!

Keith was off yesterday and we put up Halloween decorations. They ARE NOT finished yet, so not pictures until tomorrow or the weekend. I got the rest of the stuff we needed at Big Lots today - so WOOHOO - it looks so cute, I cannot wait to show it off!

I had coffee with my friend, Lynn, today. We met at 10AM and didn't leave until nearly 3pm. But it was SO NICE to sit and chat with a friend and share some artsy stuff. Lynn is so talented and taught a class at the retreat I attended a couple of weeks ago, but had to leave early because she wasn't feeling well - so I had to show her all the things we did after she had to leave. I was glad to share them with her. :o)

Well, I am off to play with some stamps and paper - my favorite thing to do - and I PROMISE once I get ALL THESE FILES SAVED off the hard drive and I feel safe uploading pictures to a website I will share my halloween decor and my art from the retreat.

HAVE A SUPER DAY! And make sure to RELAX!!!

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