Saturday, November 3, 2007

busy little bee, I am.....

My mom had surgery a week ago yesterday (Friday.) I was so thankful they went ahead and did the surgery. It was rough stuff, and we had a bad day or two at the hospital. But she is now at the rehab facility here in Columbia. I am SO SO SO happy everything went smoothly and that she got to have the surgery. She has been at the rehab facility since Tuesday night, and the first night was rough, but we now have her in a private room, and she has plenty of room to move around, a big bathroom and a nice comfy chair. She lifted her left onto the bed by herself on Friday!!! That was SO AWESOME! And today she walked down the hall and back with me. She is still riding in the wheelchair to meals, but I won't be surprised if she is walking next week sometime. She is very independent, and today she said "NO - let me do it - I have to learn to do things for myself." I am SO VERY PROUD OF HER!!!

My birthday was nice. I came home from the hospital on Saturday night and slept in my own bed, so I could wake up here on my birthday. I was VERY upset when we left the hospital, it was nearly 10pm and my brother was still "on his way." Men - I swear! But he got there, and he spent the day with her on Sunday so that I could have lunch/dinner with my husband for my birthday. I want to go to a movie or something else but I was so dang tired! So, we slept till 12:30pm or so, and then got dressed and ate at Outback. Our waiter was so sweet, he brought me dessert and even put a candle in it. :o)

This week I have been going back and forth to see my mom every day, and making sure her laundry is done, and anything else I can do for her. She has gotten so many beautiful cards and some flowers, and a goodie basket. I got her a Jack-O-Lantern full of candy for Halloween, and I fixed a little cell phone holder she could wear around her neck while at rehab. She is using that b/c she doesn't have a phone in her room, so it is nice that she always has it with her when Joey (my brother) or I call. My mother-in-law even stopped by to see my mom and brought her the most beautiful flowers!!! I thought that was so sweet! Mom was in therapy when she came, so mom didn't get to see Pam, but I just was so moved that she stopped by. And today while I was there, our stamping friend - Lynn, dropped in. She brought mom a really cool card idea book to read while she is "rehab'bing". So sweet.

Tomorrow we are having a little football party to celebrate Keith's birthday which is Monday. His dad and a friend are coming over and we are having wings and fries and such. The best part is going to be watching my Colts play! WOOHOO! We have to go to the grocery in the morning to get some last minute stuff, and drop by and see my mom, and then we'll settle in to watch the game (oh and we have to watch the Titans too! LOL!)

I've been playing with my new Klic-N-Kut (computerized die cutter) as much as I can. I cut mom's name out to display in her room, and cut out a couple of simple designs. I am still cutting out of patterned paper, but I feel comfortable with it now, so I think I will move on to Cardstock next. I'll post pictures of some stuff as soon as I cut something I remember to photograph.

Oh and we started down the road to my birthday present from Keith on Friday. I'm not going to say anything more than that right now, I won't be able to get it until the end of November, but I am very excited! It is something I have wanted for a long time and I cannot WAIT to have it!

Have a super rest of the weekend, and oh I found out this today after taking a Desperate Houseswives quiz:

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  1. Hi, Lori! From the "other Lori". :D I'm glad your mom is doing so well! Tell her I'm praying for her, please! And Happy Belated to you!
    Good luck on winning the blog candy. :) I hope you'll come back and visit often!


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