Saturday, March 22, 2008

On the eve of Easter...

I am pondering many things while reading a lot of articles about faith, the pope, etc. on the internet. Keith & I have both struggled with our church since moving here. It isn't our faith that lacks, it is the church - NO not the building - if it was as simple as that I could move past it, it is the people, the pastor, etc. People talk about mega-churches and how that is taking over in the absence of family. And while I agree you should never forget your family, there is some truth to the fact that your church has to be welcoming, friendly. Our church is none of those things. In the 4 years we have lived here and gone to church here, ONE person has said hello to us. We have introduced ourselves to the various pastors we've had, and they couldn't remember us the next week. It is just a very unfriendly place, very click-ish. It seems all these people have known each other for 100 years and they don't care to get to know the new young couple. Which by now - I don't think we are NEW anymore. This is in stark contrast to the church I grew up in. If someone was new, they were welcomed with open arms. They were invited downstairs to our social hall for coffee, and asked if there was anything that we could do for them. So I am very upset by our church's "way". I am a Catholic, and I love being a Catholic. If fact I love it so much, I've taught in Catholic schools and my love was so apparent for my church my husband was baptized and confirmed Catholic in 2004. So this is all very difficult. To feel so out of place, in a place that I hoped would be a refuge for me & Keith, as church has always been. It was the one place I was safe, and secure, and loved. No matter what church we were attending at the time, this is how I felt. So it is struggle to not have that feeling of "HOME" when we walk into our church. And so on this Easter, I pray for those feelings of comfort to return to Keith & I both.
Have a Happy & Blessed Easter...

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  1. oh that's a hard place to be in--I know what you mean about mega churches and aloof behavior of the members. I hope you find your church home and one that you'll feel like family in. And I love the blog template you chose!



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